Skill drop out of the blue

Has anyone else ever experienced a huge skill drop out of the blue? The past few days I’ve been doing pretty well, playing regularly and maintaining an average of 2200pp. Yet today I find myself losing match after match and I’ve dropped down all the way to 1300pp, I just can’t figure out what I’m doing so differently that’s causing me to lose so much, I’m losing to people I know I’d usually beat.

Has anyone else every experienced this, if so how did you go about finding out what you were doing that was costing you so many games?

take a break, play another game, do something else and then come back.

Watch your replays and see where you went wrong. Stop playing for a little bit. This happened to me before but then I realized my stick was broken…

Happened to me the last couple of days actually. Friday I was playing awful, losing a ton of points and couldn’t figure out why. Saturday I was the complete opposite, I barely lost any matches and won back the PP I’d lost Friday (and more). Some days it seems like I should just avoid SF completely if I play badly, the more I get frustrated at my poor performance then the worse I play. Maybe it’s the same for you.

After watching some videos I think it’s because I try to play more offensively and it blows up in my face
although I’m not sure if that’s entirely it. Hopefully I’ll play better today by aknowledging that.

Happens all the time. Sometimes you just have bad days.

it happens. taking a week off, i went from 3700pp to 2800pp. either the rust caught up with me or there was a big influx of good players after the pc ae2012 patch. i see some regulars i play with had comparative losses too so i suspect the latter.

I’ve somewhat recovered at 1800pp, still pretty annoyed though I feel I was doing much better before.

Happens to me a lot, I just stopped giving a shit about PP a while back. I just pay other characters when I free fall down PP.

This, you gotta look at replays. The pros (sports, e-sports, any competition) always look at replays and learn from them. Otherwise you’ll be assuming things without some type of facts to back it up.