Skill required

Game are becoming easier generation by generation, this SFV is maybe easiest SF in the history. Why ppl dont go to game that require more skill??? GGxrd, Virtua fighter 5 fo example…u rlly like play an ez game like that??


u think SFV is harder then usfiv? or then sfiii? try play vf5, it requires a lot of skill

It’s like 09/011 all over again. “Can’t believe you guys are playing SFIV and Marvel 3. Easiest games in the world. I taught my grandma how to FADC and XFactor kill combo like last night. Easy as fugg”.

Does this thread serve any purpose other than. SFV is easy don’t play it.?

u dont think sfV is easiest in this series?

Most people like to play games that have a strong competitive scene. These are the games which pull the most players. Easy games will pull a lot more players as the barriers to entry are much lower. New players can progress more quickly and be rewarded.

Sure more technical games are rewarding, but it makes them a lot more of a niche market with only die hard fans like us playing. IMO 3rd strike is the best SF game (not including balance issues) but its considered by Capcom and most gamers to be too hardcore and only for a select group of players. Capcom are obviously not going to limit their game’s market by making overly technical games. They have clearly stated they want to make a game which is universally inclusive. Old/new/Pakistani/homosexual players can all play together and have fun. SALES to everyone.

TBH I dont agree with your argument. For me fun in fighting games comes from playing another human being and trying to force bad decisions/punishing mistakes/playing mind games; and not grappling with the system and executing things which are super uber difficult.

Plenty of old technical games still have vibrant scenes. Everyone should play what appeals to them. Whatever floats whoever’s boat. Its not cool to pee over someone else’s game though. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple as. When everyone was playing SSFIV, I started playing ST seriously.

I haven’t played the beta so I can’t say. Now answer my question

Maybe u are true,but I ve not the same opinion. Master a character in VF is soo hard and takes long time, but for me is more rewarding…for PC in your opinion which is harder 3d fighting game atm, most similar to vf?

Thread will self distruct in 5…4…3…2.

is a discussion, I want to know players opinion…because a lot of ppl in forum seems hardcore player, but 90percent of these players play easiest game

To be honest I cant think of many 3D fighting games on PC, and definitely not any as good as VF.

Steam has a good collection of fighting games. It has the old classic KOF games for ultra cheap right now, KOF98 and 02. Those are not that basic!

I think until I wait vf6, I start play GGxrd…an hardcore game with not small community

You talk like we all play Street Fighter only and nothing else. hell SFV is still in beta and most still haven’t played it yet. You’re just making a lot of assumptions buddy

Okay let’s act like this is a legit discussion, even though this can be just a troll topic:

a) Game hasn’t officially released. Meta isn’t developed at all and some SF games in the past have suffered same “too easy”, “too gimmicky” rumors yet they developed to be fan-favorite games.

b) Define how’s the game too easy. Do you mean how combos are executed? Or how some players play in online, for instance some players spamming same move all over again in order to get easy wins?

c) You seriously need to elaborate

d) You really do.

e) I take this too seriously

f) Do I?

g) I really do

h) Damn.

Stop posting here and go play some 3rd Strike or something then.

Of course Combos, people allways act like Combos are the skill barrier.
I played against someone during the last Beta who did one and the same thing over and over again, I got so fast pissed that I lost the match.

There’re people that call jumpback hk fireball old SF skills and others see the neutral as the most skill requiering part.
There’re also enough people that try to avoid footsies at all costs.

I wonder how long d3v will need to lock this?

Im not on OP’s side, but SF games are getting easier, but their own admission

Easy inputs
Easier combos execution-wise for max damage
Easier comboability (eg. more attacks hit crouching)
Easy big punishes with the crumple
Bigger reversal windows
Effort made to remove advanced input techniques like plinking
Effort made to remove one frame links
Slower gameplay
Better training modes

Probably a lot more too.

It’s of course something that you need to concentrate, but SFV has handled it pretty well in my opinion. For instance IV’s 1 frame links were unnecessary skill barriers to begin with. And people repeating same combo / mix-up etc. all over just need to be cracked and it’s all over for them in all SF games, whether it was early days from the launch or several years after. A

nd in case on SFV, it’s pretty much about how game’s so new for everyone. For instance, I lost to Dhalsim player in beta who abused same teleport + fireball mix-up all over again and I didn’t have an answer.

2 minutes. I hope he finish this in 2 minutes.

If the OP can beat me in a FT10 in 3S, Alpha 2 and ST then I’ll consider him a hardcore dude that can play hardcore games.

Then we can play FT10 in SFV at launch just to fuck around with the easy game.