Skill videos for fighting games et al here

Hey all, I don’t post here much but I was hoping to pimp my YouTube channel and get some people entertained. I’ve always enjoyed trying to play games skillfully rather than simply consuming them, but I’ve only recently started recording my attempts, so I’m looking to get some attention and feedback.

I post videos of really any game I’m currently playing. Lately I’ve been most into MK9, KoF XIII, and Sonic Generations (which I hold a number of glitch-free world record speedrunning times for).

Some highlights include;


Also a growing playlist of buggy and generally strange Sonic Generations moments:

In the future I plan to do a video tutorial series called Public Execution which focuses on teaching players of all mechanical skill levels input techniques for various games (fighting and otherwise). I’ll probably start on that over the Christmas holidays.

I love suggestions so if you want to see anything in particular please let me know.