Skilled Teams with Sentinel

What is the best approach to defeat teams that use sentinel to over power the enemy especially when he is out and he is continually beating up on my characters by overpowering them with his moves beating them up with combos. What characters beat up on him the best so when people start abusing him at higher levels I have a better chance at beating him once and for all.

IMO robot doesn’t really have any bad match-ups. you just have to know his ins and outs.

What exactly is killing you?


Having a decent or great anti-air assist is a must for flying sent’s that are looking to lock you in a corner. Commando’s shock is the obvious choice but stuff like Guile/Charlie AAA work well too.

As for the rest, sent’s two biggest weaknesses seems to be that: #1 He can’t do much against someone who is constantly staying on top of him the whole time, and #2 takes good chip damage from projectile supers because he is so big that EVERY shot hits.

A neat thing to use against a sent is picking servebot, charging up 5 meters, bringing him in and spamming that super where it looks like a hundred servebots are flying arcoss the screen at once. Nearly every bot hits so it carves up sent’s health pretty well when blocking. B.B.Hood’s Gun super is nice for this too.

What team are you using?

cyke ** assist is a good anti-sent

It depends on the Sent you are fighting

In my own humble opinion, If sent has a good AAA (Commando, Cyke, Psy) you are better off trying to snap them out then take sent out head on. Even a strong Magneto isnt gonna kill sent in one combo, not without DHC’s and an oppurtunity for sent to shake out. So unless you are using unblockable resets, every time you hit sent and have a super it should lead to snapping out the AAA, and hopefully guard breaking them before they can DHC. If he is already low on health, an unmashable hyper combo is a good choice as well, but only if he will die because of it.

The reasons for this are many. If sent is played properly against anyone other than cable, he has a huge advantage in range and mobility. In addition, If he has a good AAA, it is impossble to get in unless they misjudge the delay on drones, or leave themselves open while flying due to judgment error, or because you stuffed commando and they dont have unfly.

If sent doesnt have a good AAA, or you already snap+killed his good AAA, he becomes more vunerable to a quick offensive, but is by no means toothless. You still have to understand his range in the air is second to none, and every time you sj. up to meet him you are most likely gonna catch a frying pan or a giant boot to the head. The only times it is really safe to attack him is if he misfires drones or HSF and you get over his head, or if you can stay on top of him and keep him in blockstun, which is still risky due to his super armor, and wouldnt be at all possible if he still had his assist because super armor+AAA = dont rush sent.

Now, all of this is talking about the ideal situation. There will undoubtably be many times when it is not possible to snap, either due to miscalculations early in the match, or supers wasted on slightly missed chances. A good sent knows to bait and how to bait out your supers, so it is always a possiblity you can get striaght outplayed at this game of snap or die. When you are in a situation in which you have to fight a sent head on with an AAA , these are the things I suggest you keep in mind.

Sent in general

-Sent shoots out a crouching pink beam that is unblockable if you land on the second hit. Dont land on the second hit. If you see a sent force an unblockable reset on stand up off this beam, be afriad. Stay out of any situation that you see this abused in.
-Super armor will kill you. Light attacks, with all their priority and speed, lose alot of thier effectiveness here. A heavy attack starting a combo chain will go through super armor on the first hit, and remove their ability to start blocking/call assist. Thats why you see storm and mags in the air so often agianst sent, its much easier to start a good chain off a sj. FP/RH than it is to dash up and do so on the ground. When on the ground in a good cross up situation, light attacks are still effective, if you have a good assist to follow up with that allows you to continue a combo/snap.
-Anyone other than Cable is at a damage disadvantage agianst Sent. There really isnt a whole lot that does as much damage as sj. lk, lk, DPRP. So a sent player will take it slow, and play it cautious. Chances are good that he will hit you as much as you hit him, and if that happens, he wins. You HAVE to play the game of the Sentinel you are playing agianst. Take it slow, play your strategy, and dont make stupid mistakes, cause just one can cost you the match. That is the power and intimidation sent brings to the table.

Sent + CapCom

-You can triangle jump over CapCom if timed correctly, this can give you a second to get sent in hitstun.
-Pushblocking is a really important aspect of this matchup. Look into guard canceling as well. If you cant keep sent off of you, you are going to die.
-Sent likes to keep you in blockstun from the air, while calling commando. If he throws the foot out all the time, chances are good you can force a whiff or 2 by dashing around. If you have good timing, anticipation, and execution you can snap commando and the foot at the same time, any part of his leg being hit will force him out, and you get to kill commando for free.
-A HGxxMT isnt that bad of an idea when Sent is flying+booking ass towards you, depending on the level of your opponent. Its REALLY hard to mash outta a HG when you are already doing something else. Sent is almost always doing something else, and after you framekill the screen with MT, the HG goes out hella fast towards him. I cant stress the need to do the HGxxMT as quickly as possible. It beomes alot harder to mash out if your tempest is started ASAP.

Sent + Cyke

-Fear the corner. The amount of blockstun cyke puts you in is ridiculous. Any decent sent player will take advantage of that. Any decent sent player will also guard break you EVERY time with cyke AAA in the corner. So basically, keep the fight in the middle at any cost.
-If you get pinned down, or do get stuck in the corner, pushblock CAN but not will save you. You have to push sent and not cyke, which can get kinda hairy, but it will buy you some breathing room for abit.
-If cyke completly whiffs you have the option of direct damage whilst he is still out. Depending on sents position, i will tempest, or 3x fierce a cyclops. You just HAVE to watch for the opponents ability to DHC to storm or IM, and you HAVE to start blocking if sent gets close to within range.

There is an infinty more I could say about random vs. sent matchups, but you really are alot better off with top tier. Most everything ive said and havent said comes from experience. So, keep playing and practicing, and good luck developing your own personal vs. sent strategy through playing the hell out of this game. We’ve all been there at some point. Peace.

Cable is his worst matchup, but where sentinel has evolved in the last few years, cable has not… sentinel can beat cable now.

Sentinel can beat cable now, but the win ratio is still in Cable’s favor. 7/10 time cable wins, as a while ago it was pretty much a 9/10 for Cable.

…I need to play better cables.

i think everything has evolved in general. as well as the mag vs sent matchup. even cable vs storm.

anyways yeah tell us who ur using and going against exactly…would help a lot.