Skillionaire fighting 5 results

Street Fighter Alpha 2

  1. Washed up Scrub
  2. Anakron
  3. Snaaake
  4. Harlem
  5. Hard Bread
  6. DaFeetLee
  8. More4YourBuck
  9. Apollo
  10. MarkR
  11. Booty Clapper
  12. RedComet
  13. Frankie3s
  14. Trevor
  15. Squared
  16. Knight of Zero
  17. WyseGuy

Vampire Savior

  1. Hard Bread
  2. Harlem
  3. Apollo
  4. Trevor
  5. More4YourBuck
  6. Anakron
  7. WyseGuy
  8. Knight of Zero
  9. Sinjihn

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. MIN
  2. Snaaake
  3. Frankie3S
  4. Harlem
  5. Mark R
  6. Jae The One
  7. WyseGuy
  8. Sinjihn
  9. Dumba
  10. Trevor

STREET FIGHTER 3RD STRIKE (This event was a side event ran by MikeG)

  1. nica ko
  2. frankie3s
  3. daemon
  4. mutantxp
  5. richel
  6. hard bread
  7. ben fong
  8. haitian sensation
  9. grease lightning
  10. blaze
  11. roland
  12. dumba
  13. red comet
  14. sinjihn
  15. knight of zero for $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 5 archived battles

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Current Rankings 9/18/11
MIN (105)
Snake (65)
[LEFT]Jon/2hitcombo (19)[/LEFT]
GOS Zar (18)
mark r (9)
Hollywood Josh (8)
Frankie3S (8)
Rithli (6)
DS (5)
Jasmin (5)
Apollo (4)
WyseGuy (4)
Hold Dat (3)
Jason (3)
greek (3)
Mr.Quotes (2)
Ben Fong (2)
SK (2)
donation drive (2)
Sinjihn (2)
Dumba (2)
Trevor (2)

Rithli (84)
More4YourBuck (27)
Anakron (16)
Braver (16)
Apollo (13)
GOSZar (10)
Greek (6)
Trevor (5)
Hollywood Josh (5)
Wyseguy (4)
DaiAndOh (3)
AkumaHokoru (3)
Tinshi (3)
Squared (2)
Snake (2)
Spooky (2)
donation drive (2)
SK (2)
Knight of Zero(2)
Sinjihn (2)

[LEFT]Anakron (37)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Washed Up Scrub (42)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Snaaake (15)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]GOS Zar (13)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rithli (13)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]UFO Romantic (10)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]M1N (8)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]blazeu25 (5)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Duke (5)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Moreforyourbuck (4)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Braver (3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lour (3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Greek (3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]donation drive (2)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MarkR (2)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Booty Clapper (2)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Knight of Zero(2)[/LEFT]

Thank you All for Coming the next Event will be posted up soon!



$killionaire was fun as always. I lost to Snaaaake in A2 again :sad:, good shit though. Bright side: I joined the $killionaire club by winning Vsav. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Look at those $killions!

GGS all

Congratulations to this week’s SKILLIONAIRES and thanks to everyone that took the time to come out.

Special thanks to Wyseguy, Squared, and Dumba for bringing extra copies of games and helping things move along. Any assistance is always much appreciated. Of course, props to Min for spending the effort to stream.

See y’all at the next event!

So it’s great that the veteran players win every event but let’s take some time to talk about the new guys. I see more and more new people at every event and it’s great. These are people who are generally interested and learning good games. However, I notice that some of them are lost and just don’t have the experience or the means to play more and get better. Hopefully this post will help some new guys as well as the same people we’ve had from the first Skillionaire event.

General info and character specific stuff





GGPO will let you play the games in the Skillionaire lineup (except for CVS2) online usually with no or very little lag. The best way to get better at a game is to actually play it and since Skillionaire events only happen every other week, you can use it to practice during your off days.

There are more resources but these should be the essential ones. Everyone better level up by the next tourney.

Thanks to everyone for the CvS2 casuals, I literally couldn’t get enough of it until nature was calling & that stomach had me take a step back from the sticks. Shoutouts to ST at SBO being WAY more hype than Hong Kong Fighter IV with a splash of cameos, A2 being hyped as SHIT, dozing off during all BB related things, and GO1 da Melty Gawd winnning Aquapazza, fun night overall & no sleep was definitely worth it. Oh yeah GG’s lol, I plan on doing better in my next 3s tournament so watch out.

People who do not place higher then top 8 should not get points, including myself. This needs to be fixed.

I got points!!! YYYEESS!!!

Nice post Anakron ;)…its always good to help new players getting into the game scene.
Heres some links about sfa2 that have good info about the game, if you want to learn the game, that is…

A great webpage/Blog to learn custom combos of every characters, and other good stuff about the game:

My youtube page with great matches of the best players in GGPO of A2:

Heres some of them:


Combos for some characters:


a link to SRK sfa2 advanced discussion:

and the rest is out there too…just give it a try and look, cuz sfa2 is a great game, and most ppl is passing by it without knowing it.
If you want to improove, login to GGPO and challenge some players there…you will have fun and will improove for sure (there are alof of good players there).
Just make sure to play with players that have nice pings, or it will cause lag. Usually i dont play above 200ms its way too laggy and causes moves to be delayed
Practice and you will win in those skillionaire tournaments…

may i ask why marvel vs capcom 2 is never in the line up of skillionaire tourneys?

cuz its not a marvel tourney

“marvel” in general is a whole different game. maybe some else can host VS tourney or whatever. Id go to those for marvel1:party: