SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING: Grand Prix de Skillionaire Finale <Heat04 RESULTS>

…Guess you had to be there lol

Special shoutout to Mayor OG HarlemHero for looking out for the citizens of Skillonopolis and donating 40 $killion dollars to the pot!!! (VSAV $20, CVS $10, SFA2 $10)


  1. Minvincible +10
  2. HAV +6
  3. EMP Santhrax +4
  4. Caliagent #3 +3
  5. Clint Beastwood (Snaaake) +2
  6. Kwesi +2
  7. Troy +1
  8. Jeron +1
  9. Mitsuko “Hardcore” Souma
  10. NerdJosh
  11. Malik


  1. Baco +10
  2. HARD_BREAD +6
  3. Ap0llo +4
  4. KnightofZero +3
  5. Dreamy Robot +2
  6. Jeron +2


  1. Jeron +10
  2. TS NerdJosh +6
  3. Booty Clapper +4
  4. HARD_BREAD +3
  5. Anakron +2
  6. Caliagent #3 +2
  7. Ap0llo +1
  8. Asura +1
  9. Clint Beastwood
  10. KnightofZero
  11. Bernie
  12. Kwesi

8/31 2v2 Poverty Exhibition <Breakers Revenge> (Qualifier) <Single Game, Single Elim, 3/5 Rounds>
Winners! =/
Team B
ZTB (Alsion III) (“MVP” lol)
NerdJosh (Sho) (Captain)

Poverty Expo was scheduled to start around midnight but A LOT of players had already left at that point, people were tired, etc. I insisted on seeing something go down for Breakers (since I actually put in time to practice lol) and above is what we were left with. Congrats to Winner NerdJosh and Runner Up FunkDoc for busting everyone up in the quals.

** :encore: MULTI-SKILLIONAIRE GRAND CHAMPIONS** :encore: (whew)

** **
(Baco, Jeron, Generic Korean Marketplace Guy)

Capcom Vs SNK 2
Minvincible (TS Min - 40 points) :pray:undefeated

Vampire Savior
Baco (26 points)

Street Fighter Alpha 2
EMP Hiro (Jeron - 30 Points)


TS|Min (40)
Snaaaake (17)
NAH|HAV (10)
Caliagent#3 (9)
Sanford (8)
Troy (8)
Master Chibi (4)
Vat (3)
Kwesi (2)
TS|NerdJosh (2)
Shag (2)
Jeremy (2)
Apollo (2)
El Bandito (2)
Da Troll (1)
Donut (1)
FC|ChrisG (1)
Baco (1)
Jeron/Hiro (1)

Baco (26)
Apollo (18)
Kajoq (10)
KnightofZero (8)
Shag (6)
TSB|DaiAndOh (6)
TS|NerdJosh (4)
JapaDog|Ailerus (2)
TS|Deni (2)
DreamyRobot (4)
Bed Warrior (2)
Jeron/Hiro (2)
Sketch (1)
SteelyHawke (1)
Einsenheim (1)

[KPB|EMP]Hiro (30)
Anakron (14)
TS|NerdJosh (13)
Apollo (12)
Booty Clapper (9)
Shag (6)
Snaaake (5)
WashedUpScrub (4)
Green Tea (3)
Asura (2)
Kajoq (2)
ChrisG (2)
Caliagent #3 (2)
Master Chibi (2)
JapaDog|Ailerus (1)
Knight of Zero (1)
Da Troll (1)

Remember to check out for VIDEO UPDATES. HEAT04 was NOT STREAMED on 8/31 and ALL AVAILABLE FOOTAGE was recorded via camcorder (…yup, that throwback). Continue to peek in on either this thread or the SKILLENNIUM account for vs footage as they will be posted periodically and likely in segments by Rithli. Apologies to channel viewers for not coming through on the stream for the final heat. We ran into computer issues which we were unable deal with on such short notice. We hope you can at least enjoy the footage we have store for the future as reconciliation.

My post of accolades will a bit later. For now, let us and your people know what’s up!! Peace ‘n’ hair grease, y’all!

Can’t believe I let this happen :sad:

Classics are fun, good games are good, and the event was fun overall, great way to end the series.

Thanks to everyone who came to support $killionaire Fighting Series. Thanks to Zar and Rithli for keeping it fresh with new fun ideas. Thanks to anyone from outside of NYC who came to support and really try to win. There is heart in poverty.


damn, i woulda won cvs2 and breakers revenge.

Kind of hard to do that sitting at home…

Thanks to everyone who supported the series whether you were live on the scene or on the stream.

As always, huge shoutout to the players going out of their way, and their states, just to get at some comp in 12man, $3 tourneys and poor ass fighters. It’s apparent that you guys really love what you do and show much love and appreciation for classic titles.

Big ups to the locals who remained consistent and showed to every event or as many as they could. Without the strength in numbers and support from the locals, there would have been no foundation and thus no Skillionaire to run. Thanks for keeping the series going strong until the end and keeping the love for your favorite titles alive and strong in your hearts.

There’s thanks to be given to “fans” of Skillionaire as well. To the keyboard warriors and Skillionaire loyalists who were stuck at home, we appreciate very much your support via twitch streams, retweets, facebook posts, thread bumps, and thread posts on other sites we may have overlooked (shoutouts to neogaf fam). Rithli is right when he says this country needs to be folded in half. It sucks to know that people really want to come out and support their games but are unable to do so due to the immense size of this damn country in addition to traveling costs. Either way, your Kappas, pop offs, and other hype paraphernalia has been supportive and acknowledged.

Huge shoutout to Henry Cen and the Next Level Arcade staff for giving us a home for Skillionaire, helping out with CRTs (who uses those anymore?), ps2 mods (who uses these anymore?), and for being flexible with our scheduling. Thanks for providing a sanctuary for the classics.

And a full homo “I love you guys” to the “guardians of skillionaire”, Rithli, Min, and Wyseguy. @Rithli Thanks for supporting me in what was originally supposed to be a CVS2 tourney lol. Your VSAV Hollywood status took us a good ways and I’m glad to have worked with you on this “project” of sorts. It was also exciting to see your ideas for promotions and more community involvement come to fruition and I could tell you were having a lot of fun working on this even though you chose not participate in the events (duck dodgers =p). @Min I hate you…But no, thanks for backing us in both 2011 and 2012 Skillionaires with your streaming and TO know-how and equipment whenever possible. I also appreciate you taking the time out of your busy TS Hollywood schedule to assist Rithli and show him the ropes in productions. Lastly, good stuff bodying EVERYONE in CVS2 and giving players the incentive to want to step their shit up and stay hungry for comp. @Wyseguy appreciate you volunteering your time until well past midnight to help organize and setup brackets with me. You really have much of this down to a science and I was able to learn a bit more about organizing through Challonge and feel I’ve built more on my understanding of tourney organization in general and pacing/flow with your help. Keep the name of Skillionaire preserved, guys!

And let’s not forget the supplementary staff: Everyone who brought sticks, units, games, and assisted with stations and setups, brofists all around for you guys.

Just as a reminder, Rithli has all footage of HEAT04 and is currently in the process of sorting through footage for uploading in the near future. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks for supporting the SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING series whomever you may be and remember guys, they’re just fighting games; Press buttons, learn new things, meet new people, chill with old buds, and just have fun!

Almost forgot about the oldschool CF heads. It was great seeing you guys again after so many years! Keep playing this old shit until your hands don’t work anymore!

Waves checkered flag

you might have committed suicide if you lost to me…lol

ggs all. always fun playing cvs2 and A2:party:

he posts that in like every cvs2 result thread lol

Are the events over? My cousin moved to NY (bronx) and he wants to play CvS2 with someone… He`s a solid player, so if someone is playing over there, let me know (he doesnt have a srk account). Thanks