SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING \ \HEAT01// Results <6/22/12>


(Highlights available courtesy of Wyseguy)
1) TS|MIN (+10)
2) Caliagent#3 (+6)
3) NAH|HAV (+4)
4) Snaaaake (+3)
5) TS|NerdJosh (+2)
5) Troy (+2)
7) FC|ChrisG (+1)
7) Apollo (+1)
9) Roberto
9) [KPB|EMP]Hiro
1) HARD_BREAD (+10)
2) Apollo (+6)
3) TS|NerdJosh (+4)
4) TSB|DaiAndOh (+3)
5) KnightofZero (+2)
5) TS|Deni (+2)
7) Einsenheim (+1)
7) DreamyRobot (+1)
9) Cren
1) [KPB|EMP]Hiro (+10)
2) Anakron (+6)
3) WashedUpScrub (+4)
4) TS|NerdJosh (+3)
5) ChrisG (+2)
5) HARD_BREAD (+2)
7) Snaaake (+1)
7) BootyClapper (+1)
9) Apollo
9) Roberto
9) KnightofZero
9) Caliagent#3
13) MarkR
13) DreamyRobot


good games and great tourney. you and rithli need to play tho. more people=better. I need to get good and stop throwing alpha2 matches away! :oops:


Thanks to all participants and viewers. Congrats to the Skillionaires!

Photos from last night have been uploaded here:

I’ll post up a more specific write up for the SKILLIONAIRE DRAMATIC contest later this week.




good shit to everyone who showed up


Two points made. GG’s everyone see you next time.


O NO!!!

min exposing frauds

was this streamed or recorded? any archives?

#8 <–Archives here.


Min won? Man I should have went.

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Next one’s on July 20th.
Come on by~


Want to thank the guardians of skillionaire (Rithli, Min, Wyseguy) for their tireless efforts toward promotions, streaming, and organizing. Things ran far smoother than I had anticipated and looking forward to working together again in following heats. Great work, guys.

We could not have done this w/o the community’s effort, however. Thanks to everyone who pitched in w/ helping organize stations, game setups, volunteering equipment/games (even when not asked lol), showing up on time, and of course, participating in the event.

Would like to also give a special shoutout to the interstellar competitors who traversed the cosmos (on a friday night!) just to join us and battle it out w/ the veterans in their favorite titles. You guys are real troopers. Would also like to shoutout the supporters from behind the scenes who couldn’t make it but still felt compelled to promote SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING w/ retweets, word-of-mouth, spam, flyer posting, and joining us on the stream. Every little bit counts toward making this a great experience for everyone to enjoy and remember.

T-Shirt Contest conditions will be reiterated shortly via post from Rithli in case there was any confusion on the stream or you happened to miss out on what we had offered viewers.

Also, SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING \HEAT02// announcement thread will be up by tonight and the next Poverty Exhibition title will be revealed!


7/20 We’re back!

New thread up, new poverty title also announced, OP needs some cleaning up (once I figure out how to do that)


"Get ready for my sweetness"
The Skillionaire Fighting 2012 Heat 1 Playlist is now up:





I wanna get xpozed by c-yun :eek:


My thanks: