** <**Archived stream footage from 8.5.11 event >

These are just quick results. I’ll clean it up a bit later, will comment on event and leave shoutouts when I get time. Thank you all for the support.


  1. M1N
  2. Snaaake
  3. 2hitcombo
  4. GOS Zar
  5. greek
  6. mark r
  7. WyseGuy
  8. donation drive
  9. axl_m4ster


  1. Rithli
  2. Duke
  3. Braver
  4. Anakron
  5. Buck
  6. Greek
  7. Sp00ky
  8. Donation drive
  9. Daiandoh
  10. RedComet
  11. WyseGuy


  1. Anakron
  2. GOS Zar
  3. M1N
  4. Snaaake
  5. Braver
  6. Greek
  7. Duke
  8. Donation Drive
  9. RedComet
  10. Rithli
  11. WyseGuy
  12. Mark R

Espresso shoutouts to TS Min for the stream hook up. Expect next $k1LL10nA1R3 FIGHTING event in a couple of weeks (likely on Friday again)

Damn… sorry I missed this. Some shit came up last minute :sad:

Good shit min.

We’re gonna be having a CvS2 tournament here in Baltimore next Saturday, if anyone is interested.

It may be on arcade. Showcase cab. May be on PS2. Not sure yet.

We’re gonna have a BBQ that day too, btw.

Next one is set up. Yeah, it’s kinda messy right now and we’ll clean it up a bit later. just be sure to keep your day free for 8/19!! YOU can become the next fighting game $KILLIONAIRE!!! (…)

sucks i wont be able to make baltimore event. Budget wont allow me to travel out of state for a bit (baaaawww).

thanks for manning the units and helping us setup vsav…repeatedly lol

refreshing to see you back in the game and not stuck behind a streaming console. Keep rushing down vsav and sting bitches where it hurts: their wallets!

appreciate you stepping up to steam profound sadness. Hope to work together more in future skillifights - at least up until the world meets its demise (so for one more yr, i guess lol). Thanks for blowing up the twitter too cus i hate shameless promoting

$$$ $$$

you got what you want. Now give deez peepul aeyah! Good shit blowing it up in a2.

bff, Cocksause for life, etc. Lets run this shit back. These games are way too fun.

@henry & staff
thanks a lot you guys. Tourney wouldnt run nearly as smooth w/o your unrelenting help. Y’all really know how to take care of your customers.

youse a cool dude. Lets chat more about how the fg community is saturated w/ info people fail to utilize properly lol. Gl w/ cvs2 btw hope you blow it up in future events

@ppl i havent seen in forever
come back to cvs2! It’s calling youuuuu!

Anyone i missed: sorry, i suck. Also, we’ll be far more organized and presentable next time around. Apologies if things seemed disorderly.