Skillionaire Fighting @Next Lvl Arcade (7.1.11) (cvs2 & vsav results)

due to some unexplained bug which disallowed members to post in the former thread, the results thread for this event has been recreated and will hopefully not present issues this time around. Apologies for the inconvenience.

$$ S K I L L I O N A I R E _ F I G H T I N G $$

2 Snaaake
3 Jon
4 Jasmin
5 Jason
5 Rithli
7 Apollo
9 GOS Zar
9 Mark R

1 Rithli
3 Braver
4 GOS Zar
5 DaiAndOh
5 AkumaHokoru
7 Squared
7 Apollo
9 Snaaake

(Top 4 VSAV Footage)
(Top 4 CVS2 Footage)

(Fotos from the last $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING event) [updated 7.10.11]
Congrats to skillionaires Min and Rithli for being so baller at their respective fighters. Keep rockin’, baybay.

This could have been you but instead you’re just broke.

Next $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING date is set for Saturday, July 16th @7pm @Next Level Arcade


fun times with cvs2. Sooo rusty; been playing too much of that Street Fighter 4…
Forgot that charge times are not so short lol. Figured I’d lose to the people I used to play with normally.

Footage link?

when is the next one? ggs to everyone too

Next $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING date is set for Saturday, July 16th @7pm @Next Level Arcade

will make an official thread tomorrow when I’m not being lazy. Unfortunately, we only have one person on “staff” to handle the footage so it may take some time before it goes up for all to view.

Also, anyone have suggestions on a good point system to keep score of player rankings. I’m sure former entries would like observe some stats to measure their progress.!/SKILLENNIUM
We got twitter nowz. Check here for any updates we may have failed to post on forums.

Pics of finalists and “checks” added in addition to date for this weekend’s event. Gonna have to be a bit more patient with the footage, sorry folks.