[ADDED 7/19]
CONGRATULATIONS to the Quest for Quotes Fundraiser 3S Champion

Congrats to the 2nd time VSAV and CVS2 Champions of the 7.16.11 $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING Event

[ADDED 7/21]
$KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING #2. Playlist for CVS2, VSAV & 3S. Enjoy!!


SFIII:3S Results (*Special Mr.Quotes Fundraiser Fighting Event)

1: Nica KO (KE, AK, YA)
2: Albert (YU)
3: Mutant XP (DU, UR, KE, AL, NE)
4: Little Kevin (NE)
5: Hard Bread (DU)
5: Daniel (OR, KE)
7: GREEK (Q)
7: Mr Quotes (KE, CH, UR)
9: Daemon (MA)
9: Gos Zar (12, IB)
9: Frantastic (YU, CH, KE)
9: Hold Dat (KE)
13: Tinshi (OR, KE)
13: daRage (RE, RY)

**Special shoutout to Nica KO for being extra-generous and donating the entirety of his winnings to Mr.Quotes. If that’s not genuine bro-love then I don’t know what is anymore. :blush:

1 MIN (+21)
2 Snake (+13)
3 GOS Zar (+8)
4 DS (+5)
5 Hold Dat (+3)
5 Rithli (+3)
7 Mr. Quotes (+2)
7 Apollo (+2)

1 Rithli (+21)
2 Hard Bread (+13)
3 More4YourBuck (+8)
4 GOS Zar (+5)
5 Apollo (+3)
5 Greek (+3)
7 Anakron (+2)
7 Snake (+2)

Current Rankings

MIN (42)
Snake (26)
GOS Zar (8)
Jon (8)
Rithli (6)
DS (5)
Jasmin (5)
Apollo (4)
Hold Dat (3)
Jason (3)
Mr.Quotes (2)

Rithli (42)
GOS Zar (10)
Braver (8)
More4YourBuck (8)
Apollo (5)
Greek (3)
DaiAndOh (3)
AkumaHokoru (3)
Squared (2)
Anakron (2)
Snake (2)


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MD coming to win the next CvS2 tournament. Holler.

Good shit, HAV. Bring your VSAV assassins too cus I really don’t want to have to play/learn this song at the next event.

:pray: :pray:

A2 at the next one? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

SBO quals at NL are on the August 6 weekend & Big E’s Summer Jam is the last weekend of the month so that’s just so you’ll be aware.

Damn Zar I didn’t even get posted up for my 3rd place in VSAV ;-;

August 5 with be a sick date for this, since I’m gonna be in NY for SBO quals anyway.

whew, I completely forgot about the date for sbo quals. This will definitely have to be on the FRIDAY, the 5th since everyone and their moms (and out-of-towners) will likely be in the city on that day to get in some pre-qualifier games. As for the Summer Jam (which I DID remember), we’ll be planning the next event for the wknd before on either Fri or Sat again (19th/20th)

What’s funny is that I copy/pasted the results directly from TIO. Guess my ctrl+v discriminates against cripples lol.

-Pics added to top of OP

Once again, thanks for helping out and doing a great job with media production and moderating the VSAV event. Cocksauce4lyfe.

It was great working alongside you and the 3s peeps to put together some good ol’ capcom classical fun. Also admire your selflessness and the effort you put toward helping a fellow community member out.

Dude, you got a big heart for the game. More players need to focus less on pot bonuses/$$ and just play for sake of proving you’re the best. You 3S guys gonna make me tear up lol

BRO-LOVE!! We wish you the best of luck and really hope you get your hands on replacement soon.

I didn’t know oro had a son. Better take out Rithli when you heal up cus I’m tired of taking pics of asians (noracist)

@The Koreans

@CVS2 players
Really appreciate the games. I’m learning extra-fast at these sessions. Hope to build consistency and rape you all in the future.

@VSAV players
I’ll beat you all…someday.

@3S players
way to leave me behind during my 3s hiatus everyone. Stay omegafree, me.

alpha2 next time around? anakron said he’d run it. i can bring another laptop. DO IT!

1st of all thanks to Zar for the idea of skillionaire, thanks to everyone who came to support and play. Thanks Mutant for getting the 3S heads together to raise money for Quotes. Shout out to Buck for being VS MOV with the lighting fast cast action(dude was teching with a cast on…). Shout out to Apollo for being Apollo(you’ll get Zar next time, but until then hold that L like a nasty loogie). Shout out to me forever losing to Rithli in Vsav(you’re on my hit list…). If A2 goes down next tourney I’m down.
P.S. Rithli is hot <3

vids comin up soon?

** **

Find out what $KILLIONAIRES do when they’re not making it rain $1’s @!/SKILLENNIUM

Thanks to you all guys for the even hopefully my arm is fully healed so I can play better!. Ty Rithli for the games as well Zar, And Shout outs to Duke beating me =D Gj too All who came out to this event!

There’s a tourney this Friday? I’ll see about coming out to this :party:

[Aug 5, 2011] SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 3 : Mark of the SKILLENNIUM << CVS2 X VSAV >> (Brooklyn, NY)
lol bump it here^

and rsvp if you get a chance. it makes us look important =D

i did not see this thread i just wanted to thank everyone again for their generosity and u guys are fucking gdlk.

hav and maybe other md/va people supposed to show up too :party:

I should stop sleeping and start blocking or something…:lol: