Skipping Cutscenes before round 2 and 3?

So I’ve been annoyed by this since I’ve gotten the game, but I was watching the comboratory, and they don’t press anything to skip these cutscenes immediately. I’ve looked through all of the menus I can to turn off these cutscenes (pressing start every time is a major pain after a few hours of gaming). Any other advice about making the time between fighting faster would also be appreciated. The time after the fight is won/lost is also much much too long. I’m using the Xbox 360 version. If that means I can’t turn off those stupid cutscenes, I’m going to be…mad.

You can skip them if you hit buttons, no need to be…mad about it.

I think you should file a class action lawsuit like that other guy from this other thread:


You press start

I like the cutscenes.

Only start works. I said that in my post. Reaching around every time is super annoying – and I’ve seen the better solution, I just don’t know where the option is to turn those off. Thanks for no help, thread.

There is no option to disable cutscenes. You’re playing a game that involves almost continuously pressing buttons and you’re annoyed about having to press Start once every 30-90 seconds?

So you’re mad that you are using a fight stick that puts the start button clear out of the way as to not accidentally hit it during play (especially during a tournament match) and it’s somehow the fault of the game? You can either re-wire your stick or move the start button on your stick to be closer but other than that you don’t have very many options except buying a Qanba stick (which the main complaint of that stick is the start button is easy to hit). This is kind of a non-issue and just this side of stupid.

this thread is hilarious

1st world sfxt problems

That awkward moment when both you and your opponent press start to skip the cutscene in a tourney match.

My main complaint is why I even need to press buttons BETWEEN the cutscenes.

I already know what my jumps and combos should look like, during the rounds shouldn’t there be a way to just make them happen??? To me this is just poor and unintuitive game design.

It’s like, um hello, it’s not 1992 anymore. It’s not like the Xbox 360 has Kinect and the PS3 has Playstation Move for no reason!! This is just more proof that Capcom is lazy.

I like the cutscenes. Juri’s derpy round loss face really motivates me to step up my game.

its called auto combos and its not a joke…

That brings a good point, There may be quite a few DQs because of this no? (I don’t have the game, so I can’t test to see if there’s a prevention for the latter person to cause the game to pause)

But then there shouldn’t be DQs right? there is a “Round X Fight” message … anything before the “fight” shouldn’t be considered for dq …right?

Thinking back, It might screw up charge timings, and first frame actions if people intended to do it…

But how will my opponents feel confused, annoyed and hot and bothered whenever I beat them with Poison?

Lmao wow you people will complain about anything…why not just ask capcom to make a game that will play itself this generation of gamers is lazy as shit

Juri makes those Derp faces on the victory screen. It annoys the hell out of me. I refuse to lose to her just so I don’t have to see it

i hate people that skip cut scenes.

The intro scene skips a lot on my copy, does yours skip as well?