Skipping level 1 Frank



Level 1 frank sucks. We are all aware of it. As such, I thought it would be good to compile a list of all the characters that allow frank to level up, without him needing to be played on point.

Note: Please do not bother posting TACs. We know virtually every character in the game can do a combo and TAC to Frank for a level 3 snapshot. Try to focus on Guaranteed setups.

First, a list of currently known characters that have the ability to DHC into frank’s survival tactics (whiff), and let frank snap a photo. Any character with an asterick gets a guaranteed level4+:

Nova* (“Nova burst” super)
Amaterasu*(Okami shuffle)
Dante* (Million Dollars)
Super Skrull* (inferno)
Magneto (Magnetic Shockwave)
Rocket Racoon* (Rock and Roll)
Spencer (Bionic Manuvers)
Spider-Man (Maximum Spider)
Tron Bonne* (Servbot lunch rush super)
Vergil (“Maximum Vergil”)
Storm (“Hail storm” Super)
Shuma-Gorath* (Hyper Mystic Smash)
X-23 (“weapon X”)
Dr. Doom* (“Air Finger Lasers”)
Thor (His air super…I don’t know the name)

Setups for Hard Tags:

#1) Mike Haggar: [media=youtube]MyGr4oDUGGk[/media]

Description: Comboing into Haggar’s Rapid Fire Fist super (fully mashed) produced an untechable ground bounce long enough to let Frank tag in, call an assist, take a snapshot, and then take another snapshot while the assist is active. Instant level 5 for one bar.

#2) Magneto: [media=youtube]rZwWKqSf5Vc[/media]

Description: Straight from the man himself, Desk. Gravity squeeze produced a hard knockdown, and gives you enough time to hard tag in frank, and call assist, snap a photo snap a photo. G-Squeeze produces over 50+ hits by itself (fully mashed), making this an instant level 5 setup for 3 bars. Unsure of practicality (how often are you going to use gravity squeeze and NOT kill the other character?), but worth mentioning.

#3) Trish: [media=youtube]pn6VPybe6ww[/media]

Description: Literally ANY combo into trish’s round harvest super sets frank up for a hard tag, letting him superjump and snap a photo. Costs 1 meter, minimum, and gets frank to level 4 easily. Bonus points for trish not even needing to be on point for this one, all she needs is to be on the team, and to DHC into round trip.

Attendum: The problem with this setup is that frank is vulnerable on the way down from taking a photo, so this is in fact PUNISHABLE ON HIT. Try at your own risk.

#4) Iron Fist: [media=youtube]Dt-0BLdRy0I[/media]

Description: Granted, he uses a team super involving dante for it, but dante isn’t actually needed here. Combo into QCF+M with iron fist, hard tag in frank, continue combo to snapshot. Costs no meter (assuming no team super at the end), and can easily get frank to level 3, capable of getting frank to level 4 with the right assists. This is a particularly good setup in my opinion, because of how much iron fist want to keep his opponents on the ground, and how much frank helps him out.

#5) Chun-Li: No known vid available as of yet.

Description: Much like Iron fist above, chun can combo into her kikouken (HCF+H~H) for crumple stun. During crumple stun, you can hard tag in frank and combo into camera. You can also call her in for her lightning legs assist, so she can continue the combo further. Level 3 is achievable.

Attendum: Problem with this method, is that you can’t use franks assist to help land that first hit. Since her combo’s to kikouken are mostly very short, she doesn’t combo for long enough to let the cooldown on frank go away, so she can’t hard tag him in time. If some of you chun-mainers can come up with some longer crumple combos, she might be amazing though.

#6) Dr. Strange: No vid available

Description: I am sensing a pattern. Combo into impact palm on the ground to cause a crumple state, hard tag to frank. Not a likely setup, since many seem to dislike strange on point. Strange can also help frank once he tags in with eye of avocodo assist. Haven’t done any testing, but level 3 is likely. Shares the same problems as the chun li setup, in that frank can’t really help strange both set up his crumple and hard tag in.

#7a) Spider-Man: [media=youtube]Ob-bYREUKn4[/media]

Description: Spiderman’s Spider sting special with followup (DPM+H~H) causes a high enough ground bounce to allow frank to hard tag in and snap a photo. The combo in the video gets frank to level 3 with no assists, I would imagine getting to level 4 would be possible with some assist help. This looks like frank’s real BFF here, considering the mobility of spiderman, and the flexibility of landing a combo into spider sting.

#7b)Spider-Man: [media=youtube]40aZQ63IErY[/media]

Description: Spiderman can also set up frank for a hard tag from a web throw. It looks position specific, but the combo does just barely get frank to level 3 with no assist or meter use.

#8) Jill Valentine: [media=youtube]cL9SOXWXihQ[/media]

Description: Jill valentine combos into her wallbounce, then hits with a move that causes groundbounce while the dummy is still up in the air. The height the dummy bounces lets her hard tag to frank to snap a photo. The person in the video uses the wesker assist, I dont know if it’s possible for jill to set this hard tag up without it. Regardless, the combo sets up for level 3 frank, and only uses one assist.

#9) Deadpool: [media=youtube]izzOw0FN018[/media]

Description Now here’s a neat one. Off of any hard knockdown, deadpool can do katana-rama, into chimichangas, then M teleport and hard tag in frank. gets frank to level 3, and does solid damage as well. Video has more descriptions

#10) She Hulk: [media=youtube]tk-gVKpDX-I[/media]

Description: Fast forward to around the1:17 area for the fun. She hulks does a bnb into her emerald cannon super. The secons hit of the super causes anough hitstun in the air that you can hard tag to another character. The example used it haggar, but I’m confident the setup would work for frank. She hulk lands 18 hits before the hard tag, meaning with the use of an assist, this gets frank easily to level 3. Possibly level 4.

#11 Vergil: [media=youtube]jdRIdoyg6vQ[/media]

Description: This combo begins with viper, but she isn’t necessary at all for this setup. Vergil combos into a ground bounce, which lets him hard tag to Frank west. Considering the tendency for virgil to have a big number of hits in his combos, this is a likely level 4 setup. As a bonus, frank can snapshot to survival tactics, DHC to demon mode vergil, and hard tag in a SECOND time, for another snapshot.

#12 Nova: [media=youtube]p1UrleePluM[/media]

Description: Frank not actually IN the video, but The setup should work just the same. Nova uses Spencer’s assist to combo into crumple stun, and throws out an energy javelin before hard tagging. Does 11 hits after hard tag, easy level 3 if you use the ground bounce assist with nova.

Last thing: Nothing to do with skipping level 1 frank west, but I wanted to put this here:


This is a video containing a number of THCs, which frank west finishes his super first and has time to snap a photo, or two in some case. Two bars for level 5 frank, with no damage wasted is good to have.

Any other setups people know about, ESPECIALLY for hard tags, please post 'em up.

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I misread your thread title, and assumed this one would be different. Apologies. I still think a consolidated thread for this would be a good Idea though. If you want to keep on with your thread, and just copy past my data to your first post, let me know and I’ll stop posting here.

I added rocket racoon to the list of characters that can DHC to frank and give him their combo. I don’t think me linking to the vid in the first post is necessary, since DHC to whiffed survival tactics" is self-explanitory. For anyone curious, here’s the video in question:



Level 1 Frank is underrated.

EDIT: @zangief2000 Cool down, bro. Your thread was more like “What is your personal method of leveling up” rather than “Let’s consolidate different level up methods that get Frank out of Level 1 quickly”. Thus, there’s no need for you to be offended by this thread/rude to the OP.


I dunno…level 1 frank has really bad mixup potential. It feels like they can just chicken block all day with no real repurcussions. Loses out to zoning pretty bad, has a bunch of overheads, but only one low, which is unsafe…

Then again, I could just be salty from dealing with an onslaught of Ghost rider. So very, very salty.


Is there a reason you can’t use Chun Li instead of Iron fist? She has a crumple attack too.


I’m sure you could also use She-Hulk on point and combo into her clothesline then hard tag Frank and continue to combo. Never tried but it might require Spencer how Combofiend does it.


Edit to first post: Added chun-li and strange, with She-hulk as a potential frank enabler.


You forgot to add the king of DHC glitch starters, Spencer. Very easy to do, the only problem is Spencer combos don’t rack up many hits. If we’re looking at vanilla DHC starters I’d also assume deadpool is viable.


But DHC’ing into frank off of spencer won’t let franks super whiff, will it?


EDIT: added info on chun li setup.


You bet it will. Just have to DHC after the third hit of bionic maneuvers (where they go flying into the air) instead of the 5th hit. That said, burning 2 meters to do 600kish damage and only get to level 3 isn’t terribly efficient resource management (which is why I just bite the bullet and TAC for this team) but Spencer can reliably get frank levels this way.


Added spider man to the list of characters that set up frank for a hard tag, and entered spencer and spider-man as DHC partners for frank, along with virgil.


Was looking at that new Iron Fist hard tag video and realized Frank can definitely benefit from it. Do a nice long combo using Iron Fist finish it with Dragon’s Touch, hard tag into Frank have frank do his own combo and snapshot right after. Considering I use both Frank and Iron fist, I will definitely be checking this out when I get home. For reference here’s that Iron Fist video.




Yeah, it’s funny you mentioned that, because my current team is Fist (flying kick)/ Frank(cart)/ Dante(weasel shot). It’s REALLY good, off of any random hit from iron fist you get a level 4 frank. No meter spent, level 1 frank need not apply.

And if iron fist dies? Well, you have meter, right? So if frank lands a hit, THC to instant level 5 frank. Or get dante in there, and DHC to level 5 frank. Too good! I never want to play level 1 frank ever again.


EDIT: Jill added to hard tag setups. added extra note on the thc section about level 4+.


Yeah day 1 I just randomly put Frank and Danny on the same team only to discover they synergize well. They also both do a good job of bum rushing from 1 side to the other in a THC combo (Fist of Fury, Blue Light)


any character with a crumple move also lets you hard tag into frank. nova for instance.


Dante has a hard tag setup after a hard knockdown version of sky dance.
Virgil has a hard tag setup after his lunar phase move if ground bounce hasnt already been used.


What’s Nova burst? Is it his hyper that’s similar to Super Skrull’s Inferno?


two things to point for for the OP:

1 Skrull’s inferno is a guaranteed level 4; just like Nova’s you have to cancel it a few hits prior so it’s a hard knockdown instead of a flip-out

2 The problem with Trish’s roundharvest level up approach (and the reason I don’t use it), is that if you take a snapshot in the air, you’re vulnerable until you land. The character will recover before you land, and can easily punish you for it.