Sklumlord Beta Version 2 Is Ready For Testing!

Hi, my name is Eugene and I am lead designer for Team Protato.

We are a group of students working on a six month long project to create a game. Our game is called Sklumlord.

The main character is called Skug. His home land has been invaded by the Lerg from Larg. These Lerg are destroying the forest that Skug lives in and generally creating havoc. Skug must destroy this invading menace and find the root of the evil.

We are ready to release beta version two of our game for testing. The game is still under production for another month. Please take some time to download and play the game then let us know what you think of it. Tell us what you would like to see and what is not working properly.

We will take all suggestions seriously and implement them in the game in order to try and fine tune it to be the most fun experience possible. This is your opportunity to have some input and see your suggestions implemented in the game!

The easiest way to send feedback would be to post a reply in this thread or email us at

Is this a fighting game?

Hi Shwaffles.

Yes, this is a fighting game. Skug must beat up the Lerg invading his home land and can even pick them up and use them as a weapon. He can also throw Lerg at other Lerg as a projectile :slight_smile: