Skream Twin Arcade Stick panel

What do you guys think of this panel? good to buy and mod with better sticks and buttons? its so cheap too!

Cant find any info on it anywhere on the net, so if any of you gurus know anything about it, please post! Thanks!

that layout looks like it would bug.

plexi maybe.

scary lookin

It looks off from the Japanese arcade layout, but that might not be a huge deal to you. Without seeing the internals, I can’t tell you how easy it would be to mod. Looks promising though.

Whats the worst that can happen? LOL rip out the PCB and put in 2 DS1’s and im sorted :smiley: as i’ve got buttons n sticks in the mail on its way. It just saves me doing a panel from scratch or sourcing one out. It looks decent enuff i guess :slight_smile:

that’s pretty cool, if ypu can get it fairly cheap, that’d be a great mod

Is it just me or does it seem as if the roundhouse button has been modded?

i think it might just be the shitty qual pic…

its looks identical to the blaze twin stick. it if the same as the blaze twin stick, the wooden one, not the plastic one, the stock parts are pretty good. the sticks have a lonf throw, tho, but circular moevements are easy as, like a cirular gate. the buttons are very very slightly concaved, but responsive

wow thanks guys, i’ll look up that Blaze twin stick. I ended up buying one of these Skream sticks from Ebay so it should be here like next week.

Tetsuosan, LOL wow you have an eye for detail, i didnt even notice that. Good job!

If you want to be “da man” you could probably try and mod a sega astro city cpo on it. I just googled the pic of the panel and it looks similar in size to that stick. It’s probably a clone of the sega saturn virtua stick pro hss-0130. If you can when you get it would you mind taking a hq pic of it?

I will post pics of it when i get it, since its unknown to Google. I did a bit of search and apparently some people say that the panel doesnt have enough depth to replace with other sticks, but we’ll have to see!

^ When there’s a will there’s a way

where theres a router theres a way

you can always route down the plastic more or make a custom mounting plate.

The plastic one surely is not deep enough… I am modding one right now. But did someone say there is a wooden version???

I say Astro City cpo on there route all of that top plastic off and call it a day. Anyone agree with me?

why even use an astro city? that would be pimp and manly, but it’s too expensive. just get sanwas an mount them.

i’m a moron. didn’t even realize you were talking about the overlay, not the control panel itself. lol. anyway, yeah, astro city overlay would look nice. custom art could be better though!

just have the control panel a few MM above the base itself.

that would be pimpin’.

OK, as promised here are the pictures. Its not of high quality cos i cant find my camera so i’ve used my fone instead. The first few pics were low quality cos i’ve forgotten to change the fone settings. When i realized, it was too late as i have butchered the panel already :smiley:

This is the full view of the stick from outside

Full view of inside

Closeup of P1 side

This pic is to show the HUGEEE long throw of this stick, it has a circular restrictor plate too.

Gremlin Solutions gave me 2 free balls as a gesture of good will :smiley:

Final setup will have the white ball though, it could be Clear also, but not Clear Green as in previous pic.

The Sanwa Illuminated buttons will fit in this panel perfectly, holes doesnt need modifying and panel depth has plenty of room, it will not fit in a sega VHSG or dreamcast agetec, these pushbuttons require alot of depth.

This is to show you guys the stock stick that came with it, the actual shaft had some chinese writing on it, could be japanese i dont know :slight_smile:

The Joystick mount had the letters LS engraved on it. Also the balltop seems like a 40mm atleast, could be 45mm

Im not too keen on the massively long throw of this joystick so i cant say much about the microswitches it uses, however this stick was found to be quite faulty anyway when i tried to play, the TOP/LEFT corner doesnt seem to register properly and took very careful precisioning to actually get a character to jump. The way the microswitches need these extra metal panels to push the buttons and not the stick shaft itself could be the problem.

I cant mount the Sanwa JLF yet cus the mounts dont fit, the stick is underside mounted from the top panel, but theres not enough plastic to play with so i will have to use the current mounting holes and create another plate to fit ontop of that but also have holes for the JLF. I dont have correct tools right now but if serpentarius knows of a different way to mount the stick then please share :slight_smile:

Oh yeah the plastic of this case is very cheap looking and feels very light and fragile. Its no where near the quality of ANY other stick ive used including the EX2. Compare this to say the Sega VSHG is like universes apart :D. Nothing abit of weight, and some decent layers of paint and gloss wont fix though. I would like to sort out the wiring etc before i think about custom art. Cant wait to get those buttons lighting up on press activation!!

Well if anyone has ideas to help, please do share!!

tried mounting the JLF without the mounting plate? the plastic “wings” might reach.

if they don’t then you might have to mount LS32s on the top panel, then cover it with overlay art or something. i’m wondering what those new buttons are, btw. they look pretty weird to me. lol

They are Pushbuttons with Sanwa switches, the buttons has clips so it will take LEDS. They feel very stiff though compared to the buttons on the VSHG. Maybe the switches are stiffer to press. I dont know, cant really tell how they play until everything is up and running.