Skrull Evo Meet up!



Okay so I know there are some people coming to evo that dont post videos on here but have some really sick shit, also there are few real skrull players (looking at you skrulls who drop drop drop all day online) so I think it’d be a cool idea to arrange a meet up and see what info can be swapped and maybe have a bit of a “whos the king of skrulls” tournament =D.

I’ll be in vegas on the 25th of july PM me if your interested!


I’ll be there, but I won’t be in Vegas til the 28th


thats fine, theres a few others who will be meeting up ass well, pm me your contact info


Okay, so far we’ve got

Mister E

I’ll post up room details in the next few days, I just need see how things pan out when i get to vegas tmw!




looks like i wont be attending evo this year. the people at customs say no way usa =s maybe next year

however i do still encourage all skrull players to continue with this "gathering of the skrulls!


I didnt really “meet” any skrull players, but I did meet Dragoomba since I had to face him for winners finals in my pool. Its a shame to take out a fellow skrull, especially one who appreciates my skrull videos.


Good sheet Nastyy. I’m still depressed that I messed up that mega-easy Haggar combo in the first game but WUTEVA. At least I lost to another Skrull.


Thanks Goomba.
I know! was already about to let go of my pad when I saw you x-factor after lariat.
I remember after our match I saw someone trying to copy my rolling hook kara grab and failed bad, lolz.


Yo, you have to tell me who you played in the next pool.

Also… do you still play on XBL?


I played sanford Kelly and lost 2-1 then lost to 2-1 to Dr. Chaos.

Occasionally. I mostly play Black Ops zombies, but if you want, send me a Fr on XBL and if you see me on, send me an inv, and I’ll play.


Anybody play on psn?


So w/ Evo 2 months away anybody already registered to go? We need to get a Skrull Invasion going.


I should be getting registered soon. Hopefully before the 20 dolla for a holla deal ends.

I know Huoshen and Alukard are going too, so I guess we can finally have that battle of the skrull type thing.


Evo 3 Days away mang, anybody planning a Skrull meetup?


Uhh how many Skrull players we got? Alukard won’t be able to make it, but Huoshen will be there. Might have to look for the others.


Ill be there, I’ll be the one near nitsuma


recommending skrull get nerffed :rolleyes:


Hey who let you in here Honzo? Shoo!


Trolls these days, sheesh. Forgot to put my gamertag as viciou$ so if you guys see anyone in the brackets named Nathan Pitts it’s me