Skrull on point help



I pretty much just started playing umvc a little more seriously, but I am having an incredibly hard time starting off with skrull. My team currently consists of:

Skrull - tenderizer
Frank - shopping cart
Vergil - rapid slash

While I have skrull on point, the main focus of my team is frank. Furthermore it is getting frank to lvl 5 as quick as possible. If I can get a hit with skrull I found a combo that will get I’m to lvl 2 and get frank to lvl 5 using a DHC.

Problem is, its pretty damn hard to get that first hit cleanly, so I usually end up losing skrull and trying to get frank to lvl 5 using Vergil. I’ve read quite a bit on here and it seems this may be a hard task (but worth it to get lvl 5 Frank).

Main combo in case anyone wants to use this team:

Cr. L,M,H,S sj. M,M,H,S land and call Vergil assist dash fwd jump D.H once Vergil is done in the corner it will launch into air - S Sj. M,M,H (on the last H you will reach lvl 2)- qcb+LMH
DHC to franks qcb+LMH - call skrull tenderizer - take snapshot and if you need to you have more time to take another to get to lvl 5.

Sorry if that was hard to read, but it works for me… if only I can land that first hit :confused:


Just a short video showing what I am talking about


I’m sure its nothing new…


do you have any questions?