Skrull Stomp: What the f**k is it good for?

So, I’ve been using Skrull as my front man for two months now, running along side Haggar and Wesker. One thing I’ve been missing all this time is a way to incorporate Skrull’s Stomp into a combo. Does anyone have any vids or setups for skrull stomps?

It’s a taunt that does damage

Well I have combos that you can use to use it to kill in certain situations. It’s mostly a humiliation move. I’ve killed many people with it online and in tourneys.

I only use it when I’m playing Storm/Skrull - E Slam, call Typhoon, dash Stomp, j. dH, dash S, j.MMHS, Meteor, Inferno: around 555-60k and builds 1 meter.

*I use it when I want to stay on my opponents ass when I know a Inferno at the end of a combo won’t kill (specially after elastic slams). Instead of wasting the meter and letting characters air tech (some of them flying/double jump and escape setups) I’ll just instead stomp em. It leads to wakeup meaty with assist into a Elastic Slam 50/50 with a whiffed slam being protected by the assist and me still being in close proximity. *

Only time I ever use it is after a command grab, generally in XFC3, and only when it’s a sliver of health left. That’s all it is, a stylish way to finish a dude.

I thought it was for using after you meteor smash a dead opponent online :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, of course there’s that, but if you hit them with it when they’re still alive you get to see Kl’rt grind his foot in and make the Skrull Smug Face. It rules. And then you can stomp them some more, either with your foot or your Skrullian nuts.

Edit: On reflection, most of why I use Kl’rt is because he’s such a confident asshole.

You can combo after it using Joe’s Bomb OTG. In the corner, do an aerial series, land, Assist, Stomp, bomb OTGs, relaunch, land, Smite -> charged jS -> Rolling Hook

You must LOVE Nova then, haha.

Hey, question? Does this move stop the opponent from rolling? I havent tested it yet.

Im starting to think that myself. Im going to start using it if I do rolling hook or Jumping S when doing a combo. Seems like keeping up with meter is very helpful to Skrull.

They can still roll if I recall, also another stomp setup if you’re using Wright with the missile assist is magic series->land on ground call assist->stomp->:l:->air grab reset it’s pretty funny.


what does meaty mean?

Meaty is when you put out your attack a bit early so the first thing they wake up with is an attack in their face; forcing them to block or take the hit.

Speaking of stomp, I may have just found my new bnb lol w/ missiles assist: …S, j.MMHS, Stone Smite, S+Missiles call, j.S, land stomp (last missile hits at end of stomp) S, neutral jump S, Meteor Smash M, Inferno, adds at least 30k to bnb, my Stone Dunk bnb before was around 850k now its 887k.

yea Doom, Akuma, and Sent are his best assist it would seem

I agree, also it seems the combo is more consistent midscreen, can’t seem to hit it in the corner.

do ya know of a one hit kill that ends with a stomp that would be funny and awesome to see