Skrull's Assists' Thread

What Assist are people using and are you finding it effective? Have any good uses/combos involving Skrull’s assist?

Ammy’s Cold Star and Shuma’s Mystic Ray have been working well for me. I usually call them out, then Meteor Smash behind them.

Tron Fire is so great with Skrull its uncanny, it makes everything much safer, and if the fire hits, Skrull gets a free command grab, even if they block, if you time the grab correctly, you can still get them.

Doom Missiles are good too because they help keep the opponent grounded.

Hmm sorry those are more like the team building thread. I was hoping to get more detailed uses of Skrull’s assist for when he’s not tagged in. I’m running him on anchor spot but so far he’s not been very effective at assisting my battery or number 2.

Oh, I understand your question now, people seem to use orbital grudge, honestly they all suck, I’m using Stone Smite, works well with Magneto to help him extend his corner combos, does really good damage, you can use it VERY sparingly (because it’s not very safe) to throw people off guard and get a free wall bounce. I’ve seen some cool stuff with Tenderizer, but I find it’s very unsafe, and if he doesn’t hit anything, he’s just flailing out there for too long.

Hmm does the combo extension off stone smite work with Magneto? I’ve been trying that with Hulk and it drops out of the combo, right after relaunching my opponent just resets. I tried with Tenderizer as well.

Good point on Tenderizer staying out too long. I’ve been debating between Tenderizer and Stone Smite. Tenderizer is nice because it builds meter but you’re right it probably isn’t safe enough unless its only used in combo situations.

Yeah, it works with Mags, you can see me messing around with it in this video I made


(Don’t watch anything past the Mags training, my Skrull was total ass back then)

Skrulls assists are best suited for extending combos- and they’re not even that good for that. I have him as my anchor… As such, I usually use him as a flashy extender/OTG (via Stone Smite) when he’s guaranteed to be safe. I’d rather not risk him getting hurt.

I like Doom’s Rocks, or Akuma’s Tatsu/C. Viper’s Burn Kick w/standing L.

While I haven’t applied this in a real match, in the lab I learned of 2 ways to land stone smite. I have Thor on point, and if I’m close enough, I can square dash over a character into a.L cross-up (do stone smite simultaneously with the dash, or before the dash), or also if I’m close enough, I can do H Mighty Smash and go over a character (do stone smite prior to the H smash) without hitting them with the first hit.

The problem with that last setup, is often the last hit of H smash (of 2 hits) will hit a person out of the stone smite wall bounce, so I’ve yet to figure out how to avoid this if at all. But on a positive note, it does allow an air reset which can lead to Hurricane (command grab).

I’m not sure what you can do personally Ender with your team, since they seem a bit more linear. Maybe with Capt. you can throw the shield, and do the backflip during the shield’s return and call out stone smite at some point?

I use Trish/X-23/Skrull and use orbital grudge to let me end any X-23 combo w/ Weapon X as well as helping Trish do round harvest combos.

i’ve been sticking with stone smite… if it lands you get a free combo and it stuffs plenty of spammy assists like sent. force, i’ve been using it as a mixup by coupling it with X-23’s mirage dashes, or simple crossovers… on the opposite side of the spectrum coupling a correctly aimed meteor smash with almost any assist turns it to crossup jesus… especially chun’s legs and 23’s neck slice… some other good one off the top of my head, any fireball assists

please tell how you get te stone smite assist to OTG?.. i can’t see how it would ever come out fast enough and i had no idea it hit OTG… clue me in

Sent drones are hands down the best assist for skrull. They make meteor smash safe on block, you can bait opponent into blocking and before droens hit elastic slam, or you can wait till drones are done hitting and slam when they’re not expecting it, but most importantly sent drones keep opponent in block stun for so long skrull can dash in mid range where he works best.

Funny how few people actually read the thread before posting.

I usually take Tenderizer, it can help you keep pressure in the corner. I roll with Wolvy and Doom, it works well with Doom as once you get an opponent corner you wanna try like all hell to keep them there. Its also an OK anti-air assist but its certainly not great.

Tenderizer helps Wesker’s (Combo >> Dash >> Gun >> Assist >> Super) combos a lot. It holds people in place for a really long time without moving them around (unlike, say, Jam Session would). Great at letting Wesker hit his level 3 without any risk of missing the timing (or x-factor lv3 for one of those “I have to kill this guy now” situations). It’s also good at keeping the pressure on, since it’s basically a wall of damage.

Orbital Grudge is similar, but doesn’t hold people in place as long and is harder to time launches after when you’re in the corner. The only downside of Tenderizer that I’ve seen so far is it can really mess with the hit stun scaling in longer combos.

I agree with this pretty much, even though I run Spence/Skrull/Doom. Tenderizer all the way for me. Keeps people locked down if blocked, super useful in the corner, and has a tendency to catch all kinds of assists.

I’ve been exploring the use of Doom on point as a battery with Skrull as the main meter user, and as mentioned Tenderizer is a decent assist for corner pressure. One thing I enjoy about it is that some people have a tendency to duck under to avoid the block under it which is just asking to be j.M’ed. So in a way it can kind of put them in a situation where they are forced to stand. Obviously this is can be punished given the right circumstances but as with any assist you have to know when to use it.

But yeah, in general Skrull’s assists are ass. They are generally limited to very situational uses or combo extension. I think Orbital Grudge is probably the best as it can be a halfway decent pressure assist, but I chose Tenderizer because my anchor is Akuma so i already have one of the best pressure assists in the business.

So in short, I’d just go with whatever assist isn’t overshadowed by the assists of your other characters.

I just picked up Kl’rt and Ive been using Stone Smite to OTG after Thor combos after Stone Smite connects I do a Mighty Smash xx Mighty Tornado. Good damage but def harder to time than Weskers Samurai Edge, duh.

At Bazzard:
first of all… what up man. long time no see.
If you wanna OTG with Stone Smite your gonna have to hit your j:s: as late as possible.
For me, with Thor, this is ez to do since his attacks are slow and I have to get my first j:m: in very early just to do jMMHS.

As a self OTG the same principles apply and for me if I want to self OTG with Stone Smite I have to do jLMMHS, to get my j:s: closer to the ground

Tenderizer and Stone Smite assists have VERY specialized uses (Wesker, Dormammu). IMO, Orbital Grudge is his best one. It can be used like a bootleg tatsu-esque assist. It even has a brief period of armor for absorbing attacks if you get lucky. Speaking of tatsu assist, i like Ryu’s better than Akuma’s. :xeye: