Skrull's Assists' Thread

I found Stone Smite works extremely well with Haggars :d: :h: you can sit there for days and it still combos, can be linked off the wall bounce into a Hoodlum Launcher or normal , tacks on a lot of damage and corners the opponent.

Heres a list of Moves that work with Stone Smite in case any of your teams want to use wall bound combos.

Haggar :d: :h:

Dante j :s:

Deadpool :f: :m:

She-Hulk’s Light and Heavy Walljump attacks

Thor Light DP

Ryu :d: :h:

Arthur’s Heavy Dp

Wesker Cobra Strike

Zero Fully Charged Shot

Chris Heavy Combo Punch

Jill Arrow Kick

Spiderman can combo into stone smite after ground launcher by doing j.mmh, zip line down S. This actually helps him to dash under characters in the corner to land a web throw…

Stone smite is the only assist for me.

Does Stone Smite give you Inferno for your THC.
I was messing with Tenderizer to see what I could setup with Wesker but it gives you Torch when you THC, and that is unexceptable; at least for any team that uses THCs

So Im sticking with Orbital Grudge

I just posted this in the combo thread but figured I’d post it here as well - S. Launch in a corner then Tenderizer Assist then SJ and if you knock down quick they will get caught in the tenderizer and you can easily launch again. The magic combo will probably vary by character with Hulk I do SJ H,S a faster character might be able to get the full string.

in the srk hyper guide, it says skrull has a strategy to elastic slam people behind slow moving projectile assists with a projectile that has more than one hit liike doom rocks or drones

i’m already using tron in my team so i don’t want to use another overused character,

so what character has multi hitting slow moving projectile assists who is underused, or you assure that i will never see a team oif skrull/tron/ ??? together besides me and maybe 1 or 2 others

You could try Task’s vertical arrows to keep them out of the air and force them to block. If they jump and then block, anti air elastic slam covers that after block stun.

Ryu’s hadoken comes to mind, Hsien’ko gong

*I think I just found some dirty shit with Super Skrull. So I was sitting in training mode trying to figure out some applications for Skrulls Tenderizer assist and I noticed that sometimes the ending hits of the assist whiff on crouch blocking characters so my wheels started to spin a bit. I began to wonder how I could work it into characters coming in off a snapback/death and I found out that Skrulls assist will keep an opponent blocking on their way down and the opponent will still keep blocking some of the later hits of Tenderizer. However if you bump into your opponent just a little bit the later hits from tenderizer will whiff thus setting up a tick throw like situation. Even better is that if you’re using a character with a command throw setting up combo opportunities afterwards.

I started testing out ways to get out of this setup and the incoming character can hold upback until they hit the ground and then attempt to rejump into the air but you can do a quick hitting low attack to counteract that and go into a full combo. I tested this out on Dorm,Hulk, Doom, Task, Akuma, Phoenix, Zero, Viewtiful Joe and Ammy and the only discrepancy I had was on Hulk and Ammy. The only discrepancy was the last few hits whiffing on ammy once she hits the ground and hulk getting hit by the last few hit even once he was grounded but I can definitely due with testing this out some more and getting the timing just right. I can definitely see this tactic being VERY good for snapping in Phoenix plus this works midscreen by dashing then calling Skrull but depending on the characters dash and the incoming characters size the options change a bit.

Repost for prosperity.

i use skrull’s orbital grudge assist to set up command grabs. chars that can OTG like wesker and sentinel can OTG, call skrull, put them in block stun, once they land command grab

I found that Captain America’s Shield Slash makes Super Skrull’s command grab> air dash> j.2H > launcher a lot easier and does a little more damage. However, you need to space yourself properly to get the air combos after the launcher and the hit stun system still affects by the Shield

Cold star and sent drones fit skrull perfectly they make his approach safe and are good at helping establish his mid range offense,

ryu’s hadoken and skrulls d+c reset the ground bounce counter.

Something I’ve only started to recently use in my Skrull+Wesker play: you can actually take advantage of the normally terrible hitstun on Tenderizer assist. In certain long combos, doing an OTG into Tenderizer assist will cause the opponent to get hit by about half of it, then tech out in the middle of the Tenderizer, while Skrull continues to swing and whiff as he punches right through them.

With Wesker, this can set up some very ambiguous air throw resets, as by all intents and purposes it looks like you’re throwing them right out of the assist. If you do a shorter combo, they won’t pop out, so trying to figure out when they’re actually getting a tech can get very confusing to someone who doesn’t know how this works. This can make Wesker’s already scary corner game even scarier with Skrull backing him up.

I agree. Orbital Grudge is just a bootleg tatsu. I’ve got it on my Dorm/Skrull/Sent team, and it’s only function is to extend Dormammu’s combos. However, in a pinch, like if Sent gets caught during assist, Orbital Grudge can work with teleports for a pretty mean cross-up. Also, on hit, it’s juggle state gives you good positioning and plenty of time to pick up the combo.

They are good assists to use BUT both assists stay out on the battlefield far too long, waiting to get punished by an ryu, nova, spencer, doctor strange, super skrull, or sentinel drones + xfactor. Chances your assists will be killed before they even enter the battlefield are pretty high