SK's AV request thread # 108653180

Here we go again. Luc’s AV is tight and all but something caught my eye and it could be good.

Simple request I suppose, do something with the attached pic along the lines of one of those “Uncle Sam wants YOU” recruiting posters that everyone knows so well.

“SK wants YOU…”

“to get BANNED”

then cut to a lock or some shit I dunno. Props to the one that makes it if possible, as always they’ll get a shoutout of some form in the sig.

:wonder: Here’s a quick one:

You don’t have to sport if you don’t want to. I’m pretty rusty at making avatars at the moment… dood.

That’s sexy. I wanna see if there’s any others out there that wanna go over the top tho. lol

that looks really great dood. I think this alone wins lol

Actually, fuck it. I’ll rock it. It’s sexy enough as it is.

I have a pretty simple request. I’d like the arms on my avatar to match the skin tone of necro’s face. I can’t photoshop worth a damn.