SK's deployed to Australia, help an angry mod out

As the title says, I’m stuck in the boondocks of Australia. Any AU heads wanna hook a nigga up with any spots in the Rockhampton/Gladstone areas please reply here and/or PM that shit down, preferably with directions from Camp Rocky/that port down in Gladstone. :tup:

Thanks in advance and if we meet I’ll gladly buy ya’ll a round of whatever(although I don’t drink so I’ll watch ya enjoy it =/).

i’ll pass this link on to some queensland players, SK

thx <3

“too far” seems to be the general consensus… sorry sir =[[[

lololol you’re gonna get raped by some kangaroos and shit.

Drunken Marines > 'roos. Real talk.

I kinda figured. This place is straight boondocks. Fuck it, I didn’t plan on much anyway. Thanks, bro. <3 I’ll let ya’ll know if I can escape the port.