Skull Girls Story Discussion Thread: ALERT! SPOILERS INBOUND!


This thread is for anyone who is intrested with the story mode/arcade mode and wants to share their reactions. What you thought was good, bad, funny and/or sad can all be expressed here. All without spoiling any of it for anyone in the GD thread.

I would not consider spoiler tags necessary because let’s face it, this whole thread is just one big spoiler tag.

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K, thanks Fran =]
I won’t go here until I finish storymode.


Stickied dis shit. Let’s get it crackin’ homies.

-Tha Hindu


My first story mode experience was Minette getting hit on, and then being negged on.

Holy fuck what a weird way to start the game.


Just beat Peacock’s so far. Hot damn Reverge Skullgirls needs its own cartoon or at least make one just for Peacock.


Filia. Dayum!


Cerebella’s story has her in a Playboy outfit, complete with bunny eared Vice-Versa. It’s… it’s truely something.


I refuse to use bella but I need to know why this is lol.


Serving Vitale drinks at the end, sitting on his lap. (Hot dayum.)


Woah isn’t Vitale like Bella’s “dad” in a sense XD.


To her she is, to him… clearly not so much.


How about dat Double ending? Really didn’t expect something like that to happen.


Maybe the bunny suit was just what she wears to bed…or something.


To me the most spectacular about her ending was…


How she killed Ms. Fortune by wishing the Life Gem out of her body. That is DARK deco


Seems to have only sad endings


Fillia’s is pretty happy.


Sure, she’s going to become the new Skullgirl, but there’s quite some time before that happens. Meanwhile, Painwheel is free to live a real life, and Fillia has a friend.


Huh. Skullgirls seems to be a game withing a game. Also Venus.


0_____0 This makes me enraged to no end.


So it is bittersweet at best. The last meal of someone in the death row except it is everyone else that dies instead of the condemned.

I like this plot…

I don’t have the game, so I have been spoiling myself with the livestreams so I don’t get obsessed. So far I have seen Parasoul’s and Cerebella’s endings.

I really liked Ms. Fortune’s obsession with vengeance. Even in the state she was in that ending, she was really scary.


Yo, what the fuuuuuuuuuck, why is Valentine so creepy?