Skullgirls 2013 Tournament Season!

Well, Texas Showdown has thrown down the gauntlet: If I personally show up to the tournament, then they’ll have Skullgirls.


I’d like to attend UFGT 9 and CEO, but since all I’ve got would go to travel I won’t have enough left over to afford a place to stay at (hopefully still enough to compete). If I could find someone willing to put me up or graciously allow me the floor of their hotel room then I would definitely head out. Would be my first major(s) too.

I would love to attend all of these but I am in a financial rut and it would take the blessings of some money god to get me to any of these.

Hell, I just want to go to commentate and run every one of these. I would love to do that.

Haha dope I’ll add it on the list once the date gets a bit closer and if things get more confirmed.

Well just try to enter Skullbats, make some friends, and ask around and see what you can do! I would but my rooms gonna be packed otherwise I’d offer bro. Best of luck!

Well if you’re going to Winter Brawl I could definitely use someone to help me run it! :slight_smile: Also if you could pleeeaaaase bring a setup that would help very much, a TV too but just a PS3 works!

live in canada, gg

I might not be able to make any of these, but chances of me at least making it to Texas Shodown is high. So psyched!

Should be able to make a showing at Civil War.