Skullgirls 2013 Tournament Season!

Whats up you cornflakey sons of bitches, with all the hype surrounding Skullgirls, and with all of the recent majors pulling the game in. I would like for this to be the hub for us to talk about all the tournaments, hype, money matches, format, cuddling before and after, etc. Sooo heeeere we go!!!

If you notice a major, invitational, regional, big gathering, that I didn’t mention, shoot me a pm. It needs to be big though, I don’t care about you having a gathering in your apartment. Also this list will be OFFLINE only. (Sorry Skullbats, I love you though.)

Majors (In order by date):
Winter Brawl 7
When: 2/24-2/25
Where: Holiday Inn Stadium, 900 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Status of SG: NOT CONFIRMED, however, I’m going to work really hard to make sure a side tournament can take place. If we get the numbers it can happen.

Civil War 5
When: 4/19-4/21
Where: Comfort Inn Midtown. Richmond, Virginia
Status of SG: If we get the numbers, we are there. I talked to the TO (Robin) and if we can get 8-16 people or more the tournament can go. SO COME OUT, AND SUPPORT!

EXTRA NOTE: Pre reg to show the numbers are there, yes, I know it says 360. I’ve talked to Robin, if the patch has yet to be released on 360 the tournament WILL be ran on PS3. However, if the patch is out on 360 it will be played on 360 no question.

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 (UFGT9)
When: May 24th-26th
Where: Crowne Plaza Chicago O’ Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont, Illinois 60018

Community Effort Orlando 2013 (CEO2013)
When: June 28th-30th
Where: The Wyndham Orlando Resort
Status of SG: Once again, its a main game. Please come out and show up!

Everyone, PLEASE, PLEAAAAAAASE, go out and support these. We need as many people to come out and enter to show that we aren’t some poverty community. That we can show up and love our game and not just put money on a donation drive. Let’s go!

I’m trying to hit all 4 of these, what are your goals?

I’d love to hit all of them up… realistically, CW5 and CEO have the better odds, even though if I had to pick only one to go to it’d be UFGT.

It mostly comes down to $$$ and/or if I can group with people in my area.

I don’t think I can make it for Winter Brawl either way, unfortunately.

There is nothing in California. I will go to one if there is something close to me.

Good stuff man, going to 2 as a goal is great.

Realistically I’ll be at Winter Brawl and Civil War for sure, working on CEO and UFGT is a maaaybe.

Well when is Norcal Regionals? Anyone trying to organize a side tournament there?

Wrong thread

i live near philly but i dont think i will attend

Wrong thread?

Also, I’m going to see if I can get SG added to my local tournament in July, but I’m not sure if it’s a realistic possibility or not.

I can do Civil War, CEO, Final Round and EVO.

Well Norcal regionals is on march 24 and 25. I have no idea if they are doing a side tournament there.

Okay guys, working through it. Skullgirls is looking more and more probable at Winter Brawl.

I will keep you all updated.

Any word about a side tourney at Final Round?

Don’t forget to add EVO

I dunno how likely it would be for me to make any of those listed…hoping PowerUP does some SG action. As my Funds this year are pretty low so unless magic happens(SUPER SLIGHT possibility for CEO? MAYBE) , I probably won’t be able to do too much…so using what I have, I decided to do what I can and AT LEAST, spread the word on another outlet.

seems to be catching like wildfire… :smiley:

I talked to ShinBlanka and he has no initial plans on Skullgirls, unless someone is running something without his knowledge, it’s not happening. Obviously, he can change his mind. So maybe the SG will be able to give it some coverage at FR. Regardless I won’t be able to attend.

EVO already has its own thread by Mike Z so I’m not trying to steal that thundaaah. If people want me to add the info I can.

THANKS SO MUCH! :smiley:

ALSO! Seems like CEO and UFGT top placers WILL receive seeding points for the EVO bracket. To allow optimal seeding and a smoother ride to the top. Hopefully this can carry over to Winter Brawl, Civil War, or any other events.

My first thoughts when reading the thread’s title:

“…wait, we have a tournament season?”

SO psyched.

Yeah, I meant the info. I thought this thread was just keeping all the big tourneys dates w/ SG in the first post.

Alright no worries I’ll add it tomorrow. In training mode right now haha

I’ll be at CEO and UFGT for sure. I’m bugging the crap out of the TOs for Texas Showdown and Final Round to try to get it there. Of course, I personally see to it that any tournament in Mississippi has the game, which usually means running it myself. >.>

I’m already confirmed for Winter Brawl, so if Skullgirls is there I’ll obviously enter.

I’ll do my best to make it to Civil War, but I can’t make any promises. Don’t like pencil me in or anything. But I’ll try to make it.

It’ll be hard for Larry to budge man, he’s got a lot on his plate, might wanna leave it be.

I know nothing about Texas Showdown so thats on you.

And yeah haha welcome to the club! SG community stay running our own locals.

Alright awesome man I’ll let ya know, we’ll have a setup too so we gotta find a place for casuals too.