skullgirls 2nd encore PS4 THEME is missing

hello all i just downloaded the game today but i cant find the theme anywere, its not even in the shop separatly , i know that u had to pre order to get it for the us version that came out on the 7th but nobody said anything about preordering for this version that just came out today 22th i even went back on google to check that anouncement about skullgirls 2nd encore hiting ps4 on the 22th outside of us and all they said was “psn+ members will get a 20% discount as well as a new theme” so the way they said it , to me it sounds that all u had to do to get the theme is download the game while ur on psn+ statue, and thats what i did , i did get the discount but the theme is nowere to be found…anyone got this problem or know whats going on? if not does anyone know if theyl be another way to get this theme…like buying it separatly maybe? but its not in the shop right now… i realy wanted this theme sigh

Here you go, friend. You might have better luck over here:

I’d hurry up and get over there before the pitchforks come out here in GD.


thanks, sorry im new to this forum didint know about that

wow sorry i didint see you moved my thread, now i got two similiar ones…sorry im noob with forums, feel free to delete one of them