Skullgirls at The Runback starting this Thursday


Skullgirls was removed from WNF after Evo, however it is returning this Thursday to The Runback, and will hopefully be a continued weekly presence! If you are in SoCal, you need to come out to The Runback at Super Arcade this Thursday and support Skullgirls!



Oh shit…

You Cali guys better represent!


Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeease represent


I have no ide where this place is, but I better find out…



Be there, and be square. We should have a better showing than usual since I know there were a few people that couldn’t make it on Wednesdays. After that we’ll see if we pick up some entrants from the MvC3/KoF crowd! Ret’s GO!


Come on Cali guys! Represent!!! \o/

Show people why Based Broads was the hypest shit ever at Evo! I’ll be hyping up the stream! \o/


as much as i would love to go. i dread driving through the 10 to get to the 60 and arrive in walnut in time. i get out of work at 6 over near santa monica. no way i could commute that shit. i wish there was someting closer.


You drive through the 10 to get to the 60? o_O Those are parallel freeways, where on Earth do you work?


From where i work it starts off as the 10 over near the PCH beach area on the westside. Heading east on the ten makes the 10 turns into the 60 after downtown LA pretty much, its at this point that the 10 goes off in its own way leading northeast toward san bernardino and the 60 goes toward pomona. I used to take that same commute everyday during college/ work for 7+ years to get home before i moved closer to work, and i hated the drive. It always took an hour or more just to get home through traffic. the 60 itself gets a bit lighter after the montebello/ san gabriel area but chokes up again around city of industry area.


Oh Jesus, you work near the PCH?

Yeah…that’s a helluva drive…


I don’t suppose there’s a stream for those of us living in Canadia…?

#12 the stream starts around 9pm pst (not sure when skullgirls would be on).


You = Jesus. Thanks!


i am going to watch this so hard


It had better start soon, because I’m supposed to consult a Doctor if this erection lasts longer than 4 hours,


So much for Skullgirls.


Yeah I was a little confused myself. :looney: Maybe nobody showed up?


Wait wait wait…I have the sound off (because, you know, it’s still Marvel),
What’s this about Skullgirls?


wait, so no skullgirls? whyyyyyyyyyyy


start the skullgirls. end the madness.