Skullgirls Bugs & Glitches Thread - Check First Post


[LEFT]Report the bugs and glitches you find in here.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Please include as much detail as possible such as the console you’re on, mode, characters, how it happened.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Console :
Console model :
Hard drive size :
Game mode glitch occurred in :
Team and assists you used (if you remember) :
Team and assists opponent used (if you remember) :
Stage being played :
Type of glitch : Gameplay/Sound/Network/UI/Other (like hardware freeze)
Other :[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Thanks Jin for suggesting this template[/LEFT]

Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!
Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

Wouldn’t it be easiest to organize using a Google Docs Form? Something like this;

Edit: If you want access to the doc, just PM me your email address.


After a song starts, just a few seconds in it’ll skip really quickly. [S]This is the demo I’m playing, but I doubt it makes any difference.[/S] Same problem after purchasing.

Happens after the loop too…


The credits after Arcade in the Trial visually stutter every twelve seconds for a few iterations, then run fine for about 30-40 seconds, then start stuttering every twelve again.


Arcade Movelist PDF
Vial Hazard, “Can also be used in air.”

Can not be used in air.


PSN, Full Game
Tutorial Ch.1-5
"Grregor Samson is done by quickly pressing Down, Down/Back, Back + All Kicks."

Should be “any two kicks”


Ps3 Demo
Filia’s sprite was replaced by hitboxes happened in arcade mode only happened for a second not enough time to have a guess what caused it.


Not a bug, but typo. Ms. Fortune’s story mode, there’s a typo riiiight away.

“Can we get some some service.”

Also found it hilarious that Minette getting hit on was my first Story Mode experience.


Happens to Peacock too.


when I dhc and sometimes tag in, my incoming character will be all hitboxes for a couple of seconds.


I notice some lag between me and my friend playing. Nothing big, but it was sort of an annoyance.

Also, is there a reason there is a number 15 in the middle of my screen? Happen after me and my friend finish playing online multi.


That is actually an issue with the hard drive, namely older ones that don’t run as fast.


I thought it was intentional. You know…cause…it is Ms. Fortune’s story mode.

Oh! I got one!

Marie slows down the framerate when too much shit is going on…


So… I just had a match where me and my opponent were playing on the netplay loading screen. It was the stage(which made it very hard to tell when I was going to hit the ground in a combo, lol).

Crappy phone pics incoming.



I’ve had a situation when the opponents Filia has come in, her sprite replaced with hitboxes for a couple seconds. Also happened when I DHC’d in Peacock’s Fat Man super. (She becamse hitboxes, but not Fat Man.) I also had a situation where Valentine did her Level 1 the same time I performed Argus Agony, Valentine passed straight through me without me being hit and Peacock continued to super in the opposite direction, both supers completely wiffing.


Hit boxes being shown is a known bug. Known before launch. According to MikeZ caused by slow console HDs.

When reporting bugs everyone should specify the console on which it occurred.


PS3 Slim then, sorry.


Two bugs here.
Firstly one time after I failed to connect to a player and was sent back to the main menu, when I tried to host or a join a game all buttons would cancel from the submenu so it was impossible to proceed. I fixed it by rebooting the game.

Second thing is minor but when playing online in some matches I get echos of voices or even one character saying to different lines at the same time. For example if I do 360 with Cerebella she will say two different showstopper lines at once.


I had some weird stuff on xbox, somethings after loading I’d be sent back to the previous screen. This happened the most during tutorial. I also get randomly sent to the dashboard after exiting the training room

The waiting to validate online play still persists throughout the game despite leaving the main menu


Also can confirm for the Xbox 360 version:

  • Online Play is currently impossible at the moment with the “Validating Online Play” message
  • All options are unselectable in the versus menu except “Local” when you select any modes that require online play

Also, is it me or does the Xbox version seem to have longer load times than the PS3 version?