Skullgirls DLC Colours Leak


I had no idea actually where to put this so I just made a new thread.
I thought the DLC colours weren’t actually suppose to be released until the 360 got the patched edition. And as far as I’m aware it has not. So to my surprise this has appeared on the EU PSN store today:!/en-gb/games/addons/colour-palette-bundle/cid=EP0101-NPEB00910_00-B000000000000136

Has the EU PSN store leaked the colours early? Or did the NA PSN store also get these too? I quickly glanced the NA PSN store yet could not see them.


This is… worrying. Even if it was a blunder by PSN EU, what’s Wicrosoft going to think about it?


Oh god what!?! If M$ catches wind of this, there is going to be massive trouble


wtf, I call conspiracy! gg MS patch. :frowning:




[S]I want it!![/S] I NEED it!


no matter how many times I refresh… the NA store doesn’t have it…


5 USD for a color pack? Ill pass if it comes out here
Anyone have a link to what they look like by any chance?


It’s the color pack for all characters, but you can buy them for individual characters for, like, one or two dollars.
EDIT: Also, I think this is the only good picture of these colors floating around


I’ve looked through the colours and it adds 5 to each character.
And yeah those are the Parasoul colours (+1 more) in the pack.

EU PSN is generally known for doing stuff like this, just having a poor service. I’m guessing this was completely unintended. Or it’s making up for the massive wait EU PSN had to wait for Skullgirls originally lol


Is that a Kula inspired Parasoul??? squee




I cant wait to see the other colors then




this cant be good


Or maybe tomorrow’s Surprise (with the capital S) is that the x360 patch is ready to go. That would be great.


god I hope so. >.<


Ms Fortune does have a Leona costume, this does make me very happy.


dodgy phone cam shot


Even if, why would the NA ps3 not have it?


I mean, even if the patch was approved, you would have to send it in, unless they had it all this time?

Also, keep a nigga updated, if you see the SG color pack on NA tonight, let me know.


I can’t wait for Filia Scanty Color <3___<3

Wish they could removed Filia’s kneesocks though…


They could have just made all of her legs red.

I think they just kind of missed it.

Maybe they wanted to do Kneesocks and forgot she had blue hair? (I had to google it myself to see if I was right)