Skullgirls Donation Drive Tournament @ EStarland! (Jan 27th) (Chantilly, VA)



(A mod can move this to T&E, its just that posting it here will make far more SG players know about it.)
Venue: EStarLand
14225 Sullyfield Circle Chantilly, VA 20151
^^^ Official Facebook Event Page!
Casuals for UMVC3, P4, etc. Will be going down as well!

  • $5 Dollar venue for all players.

All other info about the event is on the facebook page… but here is the Skullgirls stuff…

We want this game at EVO, and what better way to get this game in attendance than by at least attempting to have a dope donation drive tournament to give the game more support and show everyone that we WILL play. I know it is short notice, so I don’t expect much, but if you are in the NorthEast area and have love for the game it would mean so much if you could attend. Or anyone really! It’s at an amazing gaming store, solid venue, and you can guarantee fierce competition from the area.

Tournament Rules/Format:
-$10 Entry
-Half of the entry ($5) will go straight into the wepay donation link for Skullgirls. The other half goes into the pot.
-70/30 Pot Split
-TOP 2 PLACERS ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED TO DONATE ALL OF THERE WINNINGS TO THE WEPAY DONATION LINK FOR SKULLGIRLS. However, it’s your money so do what you want with it. No need to contact anyone on if you donated or not, but it would be wonderfully appreciated.
-Starts at 1PM
-Double Elim
-2/3. (Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will be 3/5)
^NOTE: If time is an issue only Grand Finals will be 3/5)
-Patched (Obviously)

"For those unfamiliar with the area there are tons of places to eat extremely close to the venue. Right across the street there are multiple “Mom and Pop” Cafes and Asian restaurants. Within half a mile you’ll find Hooters, Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chic-Fil-A and Arby’s. Within 1 mile you’ve got Subway, Pizza Hut, Anita’s Mexican Restaurant, KFC, IHOP, Noodles and Company, Ruby Tuesdays, Jersey Mikes, Famous Dave’s, Red Robin, Chipotle, Five Guys, Quiznos and numerous other “Mom and Pop” shops ranging from Thai to Afghani to Italian. Whatever craving you have, it can almost certainly be filled near the venue!"
Info from

So thats it guys! 15 bucks counting venue to go in on a hype Skullgirls tournament, hope to see you all there!!!



Not a bad idea. Hopefully this gives it the push it needs to kick MLP’s ass, especially if other cities start doing the same.


Googled it, 8 hour drive for me.

I’ll just support with my wallet, unless you are all willing to online.


For sure, it would be awesome if other states could do this as well, but if not. I would love for this to be a big Northeast tournament, we can dream haha.

A stream miiight be in the works so feel free to catch that! :slight_smile: No promises though. Once it’s promised everyone will know about that as well.

I have no real interest to run an online tournament :confused: though I would gladly enter something that had a similar/same idea. Even though I haaate FG’s online haha.



I hope the turn out is well. If you can’t get a stream, it would great if you could at least get it recorded. Even if it’s just an old school camcorder recording.


It does not look like the turnout will be strong at all sadly… :frowning: No ones gotten back to me about it.


A day in the life of SG, sucks man.


Still going down people. Please come and support if you can!!


Ill help from the land of cupcakes with what i can.


I’m still set to come by.


Hey Ken, do you want me to move this to T&E but leave a referral link here?

edit: Erm… even though it’s tomorrow. >.>


Nah its fine, let it rock. I left it here instead of T&E because I knew more SG players would see it this way.


Is there a stream for this?


How did the event go?


Not too well, Ken and I were the only ones who showed interest in Skullgirls and the station got taken over by KOF pretty quickly. Nothing against KOF.


That’s awful.


Yeah, I tried all I could but no one came out for our game, people came out for KoF, we got the boot. Classic food chain shit.

Real sorry guys :frowning:


Well, you can’t force it down their throats. Good job for even trying though.


Yeah, I expected low numbers but nothing like that :frowning:

But its alright. I understand completely, we had a lot of people there that wanted to play other games.