Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside

wasn’t abyss red?

Abyss 2nd form

Yeah, I caught that,… wasn’t he red also? I guess my memory is playing tricks on me…

He was Flubber green, his 3rd form was red.

Did anyone every notice the slimes from Dragon Quest written on the chalkboard when you go to the tutorial mode? When you’re picking a tutorial there some stuff written on the chalkboard next to Mrs. Victoria and there was two slime heads then Ms. Fortune’s head.

I don’t sure with Double 8 but flubber doesn’t possible, because ¿why fluber reference in a fighting game?, is more possible Abbys 2rd form…
Double 9 OK, not alien

If anyone is interested (compare and more) All colors in JPG :








Direct Link (separate img) [details=Spoiler]


I’m gonna have to take that Kneesocks Parasoul pic for an avy because I couldn’t get a stand alone for that yet.

I thought I heard a “n” instead of a “t”. Old gymnastic/acrobatic group.

Double #6 is Arakune, Double #9 is Blackheart? Is Double #10 another Blazblue character?

Maybe Platinum?

I was figuring #9 was Eddie from GG, considering the shapeshifting. Also, 5 is definitely Umbrella.

A few others that seem pretty obvious are Cerebella’s #2 (R. Mika) and #4 (Kula Diamond), possibly a Silent Hill 3 Nurse for Valentine’s #9 and Jedah for Double’s #2?

Never heard of Abyss before, makes sense kind of.

Does Ms. Fortune say “Tiger Uppercut” or something similar randomly when she uses he DP?

Fiber Uppercut

Just an idea but any of you people who play double should watch her transformations very closely and see if you can find any secret transformations that flash by real quick. Like for instance anything where she changes to cerebella and see if she flashes through a grappler from another game or something. this concept is probably very unlikely but it would be pretty damn cool.

doesn’t happen.

just an egg shaped gooey popping animation.

I was just wondering. I just imagine that after putting so many references and easter eggs into a game somebody on the dev team might’ve had the idea. And I never payed close attention to double so I was just like fuck it go ahead and ask

EDIT: Actually I just notcied something weird. In filia’s j.hp all of samsons tendrils turn into sharp objects right? Well do it and pause the game. I swear to god the one closest to her back is a banana. It’s right next to the one that looks like a spoon.

Citizen Kane easter egg lol
The ark of the covenant from the Indiana Jones’ movies.
Tessa from Capcom’s Red Earth

Has anyone figured out the easter egg mvc2 glitch Mike mentioned on UltraChen?

Outtake tutorial is mentioning fight on the next tuesday. It’s a recent FGC meme of sorts IIRC. I guess someone with more knowledge can explain it.

Valentine’s password to Painwheel’s submission is 36E-25-40. Which are apparently Valentine’s measurements.

Peacock have “Hot 2D action!” splash on the screen in her storymode which was taken from the first SG trailer made by… IDK some third party. Apparently RL weren’t really satisfied with the result lol =]

Painwheel’s 9th color (black/purple) looks like Pandora mode from sfxt.

According to Mike Z at the Evo presentation Peacock’s colour 9 is a reference to Cable, although that version had yellow shoes so that might no longer be the case. video: [media=youtube]tRSlaFveM7Y[/media] 8:10 in