Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside


I may be the only one who noticed it since I’m the only one who played the game or it may be in reference to something else but when I was doing the tutorials the announcer said “Impossible to Gauge!” I think that was a reference to Final Fantasy XI the Notorious Monsters would always check as that phrase if you tried to gauge their strength with the in-game function.


From the footage I watched yesterday, I could have sworn I heard Peacock shout “Garbage Day” (from the slasher movie “Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2”). Can anyone confirm this?


Yes she does.




How could I have forgotten, Peacock indeed does say Garbage Day! during her qcf. hp attack. A reference to Silent Night Deadly Night 2, an abysmal 80’s movie.
EDIT: Valentine’d… twice.


Parasoul story mode. the Newscaster references “Frank” being off today.

I took it as a reference to Frank West. Could be off but seems random to throw in there.


Ms. Fortune…when you beat Parasoul she says…Uh…forget it your a pun already or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like she said “Well I… uhhh… ah, forget it your name’s already a pun.”


Yeah! You got it!


After I saw that MadMan pic…I know this is truly an FGC made game. Good shit.


Announcer also sometimes says “Impossible to Gauge!” which is a reference to Notorious Monsters from Final Fantasy XI

Which is a much more obscure reference than it should be.


For all you Terry Bogard fans, Umbrella in parasoul’s story says “C’mon get cereal.”


All I can ever hear when I think of Terry Bogard is “Ah you OK? BASTA WOUWF” xD


Can I has a cheeseburger?


In the one night stage that has the Ryu dude these a floating creature next to the robot looking girls that looks like a miniature Scumbag from Bastion.


I’m disappointed Peacock doesn’t scream “Serenity Now!!” when she dies. :confused:

Not sure what stage you mean…


Yeah really obscure. I would have never picked up on that.


“Take the shot Juju” line from Parasoul’s Sniper Blockbuster is a reference to a post someone made on the SG facebook page. More info here.


FFXI was a great game, still hands down my favorite MMO – way more unique and way more dependent on team work that most other MMOs before and since – in ways that built a much stronger sense of comradeship than I’ve experienced in any other game. Unfortunate that paired with the natural anti-social and distrust worthy nature of a lot of gamers was one of the chief issues it suffered from. :confused: Oh well, though.


totally ninja’d me.

In effect it was because in endgame there was no way to get around people who ninja’d loot other than asking them to pass and if they didn’t boot them