Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside

One of Double’s entrance quotes is “What is a man?” and “A miserable little pile of secrets.” is one of her win quotes, which is a Castlevania reference.

Peacock’s HP alt is a reference to Alucard from Hellsing.

Surprised nobody posted this yet, during Peacock’s Standing HK (Kick the Football, Peacock!), she says “Laces Out”, which is a reference to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. [media=youtube]7tV2MHnPJS4[/media]

Peacock either directly quotes or paraphases Wimpy’s burger catchphrase.
“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

Ms. Fortune’s c.Jab (I think that’s the one) has the same name and animation as Felicia’s move Toy Touch.

peacock’s color 9 is cirno from touhou (appropriate if you know the whole 9 deal)

she says “hellooooo nurse” on opening vs valentine which is an animaniacs reference

and to the above poster, she paraphrases it a little bit
"I’ll gladly pay you tuesday for a knuckle sandwich today"

There’s a difference between easter eggs, references, and puns

Easter eggs are usually small, hard to spot, very quick, hidden sometimes, and sort of obscure.

Example: Clouds sword or peacocks gun special move, or the bullet bill that she occasionally shoots out as a projectile.
An elephant, a piano, or a fridge aren’t easter eggs they are just random things.

A reference is when one thing is referring to another thing

Example: Ms. Fortunes “Here body body body” is a reference to “here kitty kitty kitty”

A pun is a play on words.

Example: almost anything Ms.Fortune says or does

Furserker barrage is sort of a reference and a pun I guess.

Cerebella sometimes says “GYMKATA!” during her

All right! That way first post looks way better! =]
Stage with a Ryu is New Meridian btw. - wiki here contains move names and some of the quotes. You could use it to list all of them. There are plenty of obvious ones such as Forty’s Facepalm.

With Bonus-kun (waku waku 7)



And In color Palet I Found:
Valentine 9: Nurse (silent hill)
Double 9: Alien (xenomorph)
Filia 8: Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

Ms.Fortune 9: Morrigan.
Filia 7: Misuzu (EFZ/Air Visual Novel).
Double 8: Ghostbuster (not sure)

Hmm, might be my imagination but, I’ve spotted these:

Cerebella, if you win with a Battle butt, it display points being earned, thought it might be a reference to Battletoads
Filias LK palette looks very similar to Senjougahara Hitagi from the Bakemonogatari anime

Might be my imagination, but I swear the flubber palette is translucent.

Filias launcher and Milias Launcher from Guilty Gear XX are almost the exact same. Their names are similar too.

It is, as is the black/hot pink Painwheel palette.

peacock’s jHP is a lot like Baiken’s jDust

FIlia 4: Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)



I wondered at first if it was a reference to MvC2’s Abyss (second form)

for Double, her c.MK, which is Parasoul’s c.MK is called “Cliche” for that reason.

Double’s moai head super is a reference to Gradius, a famous shmup series made by Konami:



I would rather think of it as flubber, I remember Abyss pissing me off so much I wanted to punch a kitten lol