Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside

According to Mike Z at the Evo presentation Peacock’s colour 9 is a reference to Cable, although that version had yellow shoes so that might no longer be the case. video: [media=youtube]tRSlaFveM7Y[/media] 8:10 in

Not, Is a Cirno Reference, Cirno is a character Touhou Project and situated in 9 for this:
Extract of Memebase:

and The Cable reference is the gun gameplay

I Found In Color
Painwheel 8 : Rei ayanami? (for hair and white dress?)

Cerebella 10 : Seras Victoria (vampire Mode)


I think the red Painwheel is a Valentine skin. She has one based on Brain Drain, too.

Her palette 9 is Cirno (fittngly eh?), but Peacock actually did have a Cable palette once:


That video also has her old Grinch palette as well

11 hits is a King Combo, just like Killer Instinct.

When Valentine loses via timeout, she blows up and leaves multiple skulls and rib cages about a la mortal kombat (3).

This game keeps getting better and better haha

It seems like there was a few palettes that we haven’t seen in the game as there was a Potemkin colour for Cerebella that didn’t make it in either. Maybe there is a secret 11th colour?

Or DLC the reference to kakashi’s thousand years of death 0.0

Kancho is a japanese prank

On the bottom left are busts(?) of a bunch of characters. Not sure about the bunny, but from left to right, pretty sure it’s Optimus Prime, Master Chief, a Space Marine (WH40K), and a Xenomorph.

BTW, anyone else hope that Venus chick from Double’s ending becomes a DLC character?

The “Bunny” is just a Guy Fawkes Mask with bunny ears on

Oh snap, couldn’t tell until I looked really close at the mustache.

Parasoul’s 9th is totally Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking
I don’t understand why Peacock says “This ain’t Albuquerque!!!” when she tags in.
I just don’t even.

Bugs Bunny

Parasoul’s jumping d+mk is Chun-Li’s stomp

Double’s Black palate with the white head is Arakune from BB. The Purple and Yellow one reminds me of Claw.

You don’t know how sad this makes me to see somebody say this. :frowning:

What if I was too poor to have a TV? Didn’t think of that did ya jerk =(
What’s really fucked up is where I live and asking the question I asked :smiley:

Is just me or Samson scream "Britney Spears" whenever you link c.MP with a Ground Spike?

Valentine’s #8 might be a possible reference to Nurse Joy from Pokemon (though her hair does look more red than pink).
Her #4 definitely looks like a reference to Angie from Trauma Center (though I’m unfamiliar with the games).

And looking at Double’s green color, I instantly thought of Arakune’s (from Blaz Blue) green color.

Also Valentine’s #10 looks extremely familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.