Skullgirls Encore Fanart by Southpawper


Hi, I’m Southpawper, nice ta’ meetcha’! I’ll mostly be posting fanart of SRK’s Best Fighting Game of 2013, so please enjoy!^^ (and/or critique, if you want!) If you like my stuff, I’m also on Deviantart and (now) Tumblr.

Here are a few pics to start off:

Skullheart (Jack O’ Lantern form)

Topless Cerebella

Nurse Valentine’s new j.HK

Blackbookalpha’s Skullgirls-Tan

Skullgirls VERSUS The Disney Afternoon

Annie of the Stars VERSUS Spacewhale’s Anais of the Galaxy


diggin the cerebella and the annie one. good stuff!


I like the skullheart :slight_smile:
Colors work together, very Halloween feel. Keep it up!


hahaha dude awesome art! lol darkwing duck FTW!!!