Skullgirls EVO 2013 Donation Drive Links and Incentives List ***See Post #7 First!***


Donation link:

Incentives List:
Eighty-Sixed Clothing -
Use coupon code: BCRF for $1 off your t-shirt purchases, and $10 of each t-shirt sold is donated to SG4EVO

Pasteldot on tumblr -
Donate and send confirmation page to to get commissions!
$5-$10 -> One rough sketch of a character of your choice
$11-$16 -> More detailed sketch of a character of your choice
$17-$25 -> Colored picture of the character of your choice
$26-$35 -> Talk sprite of character of your choice OR 2 pictures as detailed above
$36+ -> All of the above
$50+ -> All of the above, plus be entered for a drawing. The prize is a kickass Parasoul poster.

This one!


Waterscraps on tumblr -
Donate and send confirmation page to to get commissions!
$5-$20 -> One sketch
$25-$30 -> Detailed/colored sketch
$30+ -> Every $10 above that gets you a sketch
CAN BE PORN. (I know this detail is kinda awful to mention, but important nonetheless!)

Sanshee -
EVO 2012 Skullgirls 18"x24" Poster - $10
$5 of every poster goes to the donation fund!

The poster in question


Post here if you find anyone else doing any artwork and the like for donations!


This one was posted on the Facebook page last week. Its a raffle.

#3 This artist is raffling off limited edition prints of her Valentine fanart - go to the link, it’s pretty good - which will also be SIGNED by Valentine’s VA Laura Post. EDIT: DAMN beaten to the punch on that one. I guess we posted at the same time.

This cosplayer is selling prints of herself dressed as Valentine.(found on the FB page) Hey, you said you wanted everything, right?

"Alyssa Axten

I am a big fan of Skullgirls and Valentine is my main and one of my favorite cosplays. This past weekend I took 2 photoshoots of her. I decided to open up pre order for my prints in which all proceeds would go towards you guts heading to evo. It not much but ive already had one sale so far and was able to donate 10.00 "


Definitely gonna donate some more just so I can get in on some of the action from pasteldot.


Really great stuff for anyone who wants to donate a minimum of 21 dollars. I gotta get that sanshee poster too. It is a STEAL for ten bucks.


I would offer art, but I’m woefully behind on existing commissions already, so it really wouldn’t be fair to put myself forward.

And yes, I apologize for my input earlier, can we stop talking about the photos now?


Fanatiq is having a donation Drive Stream TOMORROW from 12 pm to 9 Pm PST. He will be learning the game with

Incentives include auctions/raffles/giveaways/signings/maybe special guests… etc

More Details on this from the post by MegaMan DS

Spread the Word, The SG VA are helping out on this by retweeting this drive


This thread got insanely off-track, so I just deleted everything that didn’t pertain to offering some sort of incentive.

Please continue to post incentives and links to other donation drives, but keep the chit-chat to a minimum and the crass remarks to yourselves.


Persona, one of the lead animators on Skullgirls is also doing commission work for $20 a sketch

oh and Erin Fitzgerald will give you stuff from series she’s been in if you have donated $50
You can specify what series you like and she’ll try to give you stuff from it
And you do need to give your address
[LEFT]Her email:[/LEFT]


The artist from Black Adventures is also offering commissions for the SG effort.


Donation drive is over. Thread closed!