Skullgirls Fan art thread!


Hey all, post up fan art you’ve made of skullgirls or just awesome pieces you come across on the internet! If you quote an image break the tag so you don’t quote the image itself!

I’ll start with a piece I did of fillia. This is the final piece and where I stopped.\

Hair is tough. But I learned a lot through this piece and can use it for future work!

Skullgirls GD, Part 2 XD!


I’m not good at art but I should really practice more, this threads probably the kick in the pants I need to make some peacock fan art :slight_smile:


I think I’ll repost it here.

Should I continue with the rest of the cast?


Yes, do bulbasaur next pls.

EDIT: Man, i have a pretty large Skullgirls image folder already. I really like this one:


Oooookay, specially for stickystains-san:

“I choose you, CERESAUR!!!”

How’s that? =]


I don’t really know how to use photoshop. Here’s one I did as a practice with brush and ink. I colored it with Copic Markers.

I may fool around with my scanner setting to try and get a better scan.


Whoa! That’s dynamic! Is she supposed to kick me from above?


Grab your head. There was going to be a background in that pic, but then I didn’t wanna.


Akuma-style? Now I see it.


I find it faintly ludicrous that, despite founding at least one forum’s Skullgirls fanclub, I’ve done next to no actual fan art. (The only other piece I’ve drawn so far is Miss Fortune, and I’m not particularly proud of that one since none of us at the time had any clue how her powers actually worked.)


I don’t usually do fan art but Skull Girls is pretty inspiring. This should get it out of my system for a while. No one in this picture really knows how volley ball is supposed to actually work.

I am not at all happy with how much my scanner imported this. I spend time blending the light colors, like the sand and Filia’s white bathing suit and it totally destroyed it. Also the sky was wrecked in the scanning process. If anyone has suggestions on how to rescan it I’d be grateful.


This piece is magnificent, good sir! Maybe execution isn’t flawless, but sheer awesomeness of idea is just overwhelming.


I think Samson playing ball while Filia swings in the wind makes it pretty win.


Well since Painwheel footage got shown, I think it’s a good time to bring out another Sackgirl

I went a little nuts and put a small bit of logic on the controllable one. It’s nothing more than an “angry blade spin” … and a groovitron dance.


That one blood splatter looks… unfortunate.


Her name is M.C. Menses, and her flow be fresh.


Ive got some sexy Valentine in only boyshorts for ya



Holy moly I am really impressed by this. Did you do this in ArtRage or is there a better program out there for doing watercolor-esque stuff like this?


Corel painter does good water color effects iirc.


This is from this pixiv user.

Some of the Peacock stuff is fucking adorable.

You son of a bitch.

You ruined my day >:|