Skullgirls Fan art thread!


This thread seems a little dead:

But these are too good to pass:


I would never play twister with Painwheel. If she contorts herself too much chances are a 12 inch spike will burst out of one of her joints.




Oh my goosh!! Alex you are the most awesomest personever!! Love it! Love it! Love it!


(Not quite the correct place for this, but as close as I could find)

This guy in the background of Maplecrest. I’ve read that he’s a cameo of one of the animators, but I could have sworn I’ve seen Alex draw him before SG. I’ve had a brief look through pub.tenkuu, but I haven’t spotted him. Can anyone remember seeing him before, or have I just gone mad?


google T. J. MAXIMUM!!!
It’s actually another guy but google him nonetheless =]


I finally got my scanner and whatnot sorted out in Japan, so I can get back to uploading rakes of SG fanart. None of it’s spectacular, but whatevs.

I actually drew this Peacock two weeks before that T-shirt was revealed. omg Alex be stealin’ my ideas (that I totally didn’t steal from old alternate costume concepts for Peacock)

Major fanboy kudos if you know who those last two are ;D


Most adorable Double I’ve ever seen. Add one adorable point to double, negate her repulsive points, then multiply the remainder by 50. Good job.

No idea who the waitress and the cook alligator are. Hmmm… I wonder, is there any chance we’ll get one/some non-humanoid/animal/anthropomorphic characters? I would so play that alligator.


Yo, man, I wish I could draw. I would totally make a Marvel-Skullgirls crossover. Call it “Skrull Girls: Who do you trust?”. That shit would be boss.


yo this thread is pretty based

Imma try and do something for this


Don’t think there’s ever been more incentive to bring back Fanart Fridays. Absolutely fantastic stuff and I wish I could like it more.


Chibi Double for the win! :slight_smile:
Also do you plan to color/redraw Salty Cupcakes logo? =O


I hadn’t really planned on it and was hoping someone else would do it as I’m rather busy, but I’ll see if I can get something done on it tonight.

I still owe Master Chibi some Cerebella and a rake of other postponed/canceled commissions. :confused:


I didn’t really want to make a separate thread for audio related ‘fan art’, so I’m doing this here I guess haha. Anyway, I got bored at work the other day and started transcribing the main theme and one thing led to another and I originally just taped it for a friend, but I thought somebody here might enjoy it.



EDIT: Err, I guess there’s a remix thread way down there, but I’m not sure this really qualifies for that.


yooooo, it sounds pretty simple, but I love it! <3
also theme’s name is ‘The Legend of the Skull Heart’ - you probably should put it in the title or description for more views =O


I actually figured out that song on ukulele a while back, but I like your take on it better.


I like the idea! =O
With improved execution it’ll be pretty awesome methinks.

Also are there any guys capable of writing lyrics? I so want to be able to sing along with SG music. If only someone Brentalfossified some of SG OST… =[


Roughly three hours. It’s not quite done yet, but looking lovely. It’s partly commemorating my first EVO (the last one, at which I was bodied in the tournament, but Mike Z gave me a dollar, so it’s all good), part because I’ve wanted a fighting game tattoo for a while and finally found a character that I’d like to embody that, and partly because fuck yes, Parasoul. I used that picture of her in uniform with the other egrets as a base, threw in that tank, and I’m planning on adding some Egrets in the background to make it look like a propaganda poster.


well, I’m not really that much of a tattoo lover but your dedication to SG and PS in particular is quite admirable nonetheless.


Thanks. It’s more just that I wanted a fighting game character to be emblematic of fighting games. The only other character I thought about having tattooed was BB Hood, but I couldn’t really come up with anything that’d be cool and I prefer PS anyways.