Skullgirls Fan art thread!


More importantly why it doesn’t fall from the side? O_o


It is sufficiently tight.


It’ll be hard to pull it out then…


Gonna leave this here again.


The bag is probably notched in such a way that it takes a specific motion to remove it.


By Alex Ahad:


Yeah, Double is fucking creepy in that picture.

I guess this qualifies as fanart:

It’s a KoF13 edit of Yuri as Minette! XD


No Ravidrath fanart?


Yoink! New avatar!


I thought it was painwheel.


Valentine Mai Shiranui next, Duckie?


Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?



Important dates:

Post new year:


Posted this in the SkullGirls Evo2013 nomination thread, but I might as well post it here as well since it’s fanart lol

I had fun drawing it, sorta was inspired by Elite Beat Agents when it came to her expression lol


Yeah! SkullGirls for EVO 13,000!


YEAH! Best number ever huh?


If any artists are interested in donating a piece of fanart let me know and we can figure out a commission.


What do you mean? :confused:


You wanna commission an artist?


As in an artist draws something, in return I donate an amount.