Skullgirls Fan art thread!


Loved these:


Oooh , I looove that Painwheel one. Mainly just her face, but it’s definitely lovely!


I like how carol is holding a comb and Filia a flower.

Since I can’t draw (so no Peacock vs. Homura and Marie vs. Zed) I should do something to relate these posts to the donation drive.


This one might be a tad late, but whatevs.


That Filia and Painwheel picture is so cute >w< Carol looks so adorable along with Filia ^-^



Also with all that EVO hype I forgot to tell everybody (not)interested that I finally got my SG pin set. Now I have this ghetto thing going on my bag to represent Dr. Shark =O


Fucking lol this is better than I could have hoped and I didn’t even commission it


My head hurts… My friend in Japan found this… [details=Spoiler]





Can’t see it =/


I am so startled.

Also, today’s drawing:


Ooh lots of cool perspective work there. I especially love the tricky angle on the torso.



Man, this should be translated:



Dude I love your pictures so much!


Someone should get some Sabine action up in here.

If you don’t know who Sabine is she is one of the many characters drawn by Ahad that were(and might still be) potential Skullgirls characters. My personal favorite too.

See I would draw something, but I cant draw women worth dick so I’m not.


I thought Alex said that Sabine, Wendy and co. were all absolutely not SG characters? Something about all your eggs in one basket. They were all just Halloweeny guys.

Having said that, Panzerfaust did make the jump from another project into Skullgirls.



Alex Ahad…Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you don’t know how to break hearts…


Nah, this is a good thing.

Every Ahad character that ain’t a Skullgirls character is a character Lab Zero is free to use however they want - as opposed to Skullgirls characters, which would be used in Skullgirls games, which would require Autumn’s involvement since they own the IP.