Skullgirls Fan art thread!



I’ll point some of you talented artists toward here:

More than just art goes there, but many requests will clearly be art-related XD


Fucking art requests. I have no chance now. D:


Aw, thank you.

And for today, based on a moment during last week’s Salty Cupcakes.


I hope someone gets the joke. And I don’t have a proper way to scan drawings :S




Take the shot, pussy!


Something small for tonight. Only two more and I go back to drawing uninteresting OCs for my tumblr.


Cerebella the Riveter supports this cause!


these are godlike


Oh, I am SO glad someone else had this idea! I’ve been wanting to see this poster done for days!


Oh god yes. This. A thousand times this. Where did you find this?

Also, this is directed at everyone. When you post images can you leave a link where you got them, or at least the name of the artist where we can search them out ourselves? At the very least it’s nice to the artists so they can get the exposure they deserve :slight_smile:


I’m the artist. My site is at (very NSFW :frowning: ) and my DA is at (slightly less NSFW, but still NSFW).


That’s nifty! It should be a DLC color!


In that case, most excellent work. Instant phone wallpaper!



Very quick Ask Minette this week. I wasn’t even going to do one because I want to do bounties, but the block of text was annoying me.


b-but where’s the second ‘e’? just Favorited it over at D art then came here to share it, never expected the actual artist to be here. Please stay and have fun with us!


Just one more day. Kinda don’t know what to do for tomorrow.


Translated by a friend of mine (pending link to help credit her if she gives me one). I touched up the translation to make the dialogue sound more in character/SkullGirls-y.




Edit: Also found this. I hope you and her like it. Art is simple, but looks to be really funny:


And here’s the last one. I wish my tablet pen wasn’t broken so that I could do more than just pencil drawings.

Thanks for all the support, guys.