Skullgirls Fan art thread!

Heres a drawing i did of Ms.Fortune, just got the game and felt compelled to draw her~!

Guess I might as well post my fanart here too.


I’ve been wanting to put this on Skullheart but WELL YOU KNOW.

So here:

So I’ve drawn a couple skullgirls pic if anyone’s interested



Did these on my ipad

Great sense of motion and flow in these! How some people can do this on an iPad I have no idea.

Might as well show off one I did for the bounty thread here:

Thanks, I actually have a couple stylus pen things that make it a bit easier. but its tricky having to deal with laggy responsiveness ( if you can call it that).

I like the use of contrast in your picture BTW.

I dunno if this is art really but I also drew a bunch of pics to demonstrate an idea I had for Feng’s super.

Here’s the link Feng’s super concept

i was going to post all the fan art i’ve done during the course of the vote when skullheart finally gets back online, but in light of the current results i think i’ll just show how bad my luck as been at being correct:

Week 1: Leduc - I think Lab Zero would make him a fresh take on a classy RPG heroic type character.


Week 2: Brain Drain- Wanted an amazing boss battle scene between him and Painwheel.


Week 3: Stanley - He’s just fun to imagine in-game.




Yep, I’m voting Eliza now.

At this stage, I’m just teamanyonebutaeon

When will the actual announcement be made?

One of my subscriptions on DeviantArt who I originally subbed for his Marvel/Dc artwork did some pretty cool SG fan art a little while ago.

I see the boobs.

As seen here:


Slightly NSFW:


(Mostly) Beowulf art I did recently! ‘A’


[/details] pixiv is full of really good images, source:
Also btw, does someone knows an image that has a filia in the top of a building with a sniper rifle? , Im trying to find it bit i cant. Kinda of a funny pic tho.