Skullgirls fan voices thread

original idea from WaterMystic277:

Pretty much I heard that idea and decided to put my voice into action. I’ve been wanting to get into voice acting for a while and figured this would be a nice opportunity to do so. But why should I have all the fun? This thread is for anyone who wants their voice to be heard (literally) and critiqued. For those who want to do voices or those who simply want to listen, please do your best to help all those who participate.

I’ll start things off.

P.S. my mike sucks -_-

EDIT: I can’t believe I missed “You just got played” while voicing Big Band

Panzerfaust (Mr. Tank-Man)

Oooooh man… I’ve got so many ideas for Big Band; but one question: is it possible to have different ‘sets’ of voice possibilities based on background music? Seems like a LOTS of unnecessary programming would be involved, but I imagine Big Band’s voice as being ‘scat’ done in key with the background music. That would mean a different set of voice for each song, or autotune. Again- lots of non-gameplay-related programming involved…

If they have Big Band’s voice as scat, that would be hilarious and awesome. Or if they’re lazy they could just have him “speak” in sax notes… being a former sax player, I’d be fine with that.

I thought of that, but I didnt have the time to try it…so I just played around and sang using a big band style (actual thing) voice.

if they do big band he should have like almost a bass sound to him cause he is soo big, with a jazz twang like aforemention scat in there. but it would be coold if he had like a rythym in voice