Skullgirls Future character movelist and play style speculation thread


I should have done this sooner… but now I am.

People like to speculate move lists and play styles for future characters. On other forums this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but because Mike Z, Developer of Skullgirls, frequents this board, it would be wise to put such stuff in a thread he can choose not to look at, due to legal issues and possibly he can’t use an idea because he saw it on a forum.

So yeah, thats the reason for this thread. Post here what characters you wanna see, and how you want them to fight. Be as serious or as silly as you want. Want to make and design a moveset for Yukurri Ms. Fortune? Go right ahead! Want a moveset for Egret # 13? You are welcome to make it. Wanna make Mike Z a character? As long as it’s related to Skullgirls, or even some of Alex’s other OC characters, like Vulcan Heel characters, it’s AOK in this thread! If you can though, put a dislaimer saying you don’t own any of these characters and such. More legal stuff, but I want to make sure everything gos smooth.

Only rule I suggest, but you don’t have to follow, put spoilers on Images for the 56k or work people out there. If the entry is long, put spoilers around it as well. Also, try to keep the movesets non-M rated. So no moves where Venus jumps and fucks a guy, or Panzer blows a man in half.

Allow me to start with all the stuff I have written so far.



We have a basic idea how Marie attacks when all cheap and broken. I doubt she has three forms, though including that would be pretty awesome. She changes as her health reaches certain points. I wonder if that would be too cheap though… I’m sure if they will take away her super armor, and maybe only let her have certain amount of skulls out. I’m sure she punches and kicks as well. Honestly, I would love to see her playable in some similar form she is now, with 3 different forms. I see her, in that state, being an excellent solo character, but not great in teams, due to longer combo’s make never keep her in a form long enough.

If she doesn’t fight like that, I imagine she will use that vacuum of hers a lot more. Maybe controlling space by pushing and pulling the for, as well as the skulls she throws out. She would be like Rachel that way, but maybe make her more of a beat down character then racheal is, where after you knock the foe away with an attack, you use the vacuum to pull them back towards you to continue it. I see her having poor mobility, but making up for it by bringing the foe to you rather then you going to the foe.



For Squigly and Umbrella, we know their fighting style thanks to the April fools thing. They said they put some truth into that article, and I think that was it. Squigly is a stance changer. I imagine she has 2 stances, close range kung fu like stance, and mid range whip stance using leviathan. She will also have some fire based attacks, and one special involves her attacking with a hip check to wall bounce. She will even have a super based off that, all because Firebranded wants her to show off those lovely hips, haha. Anyway, she can change stances mid combo and back again, letting her set up some very cool looking combos. One thing that may be cool, to keep with the whole Zombie thing, is let her use her fallen teammates someway. Maybe a Level 5 that lets her revive her teammates for a short period of time to assist in attacking ala scramble battle in SFxT. However, that may be difficult due to the CPU limits, but it would be very cool, and make her an excellent anchor.



For umbrella I think she will be a turtle character. Her umbrella supposivly gets strong the longer you do not use it. I see her either having attacks that sheild or protect her, or being very fast to keep running away. Perhaps her umbrella can also absorb projectile’s and attacks, and repay the damage back double later. If you ever played Mr. Game and Watch from Smash Bros, It would be like his bucket attack, only for all attacks. You absorb 3 attacks, then the next time you use it the umbrella hurls out the energy, or does a massive hit doing the combined damage plus more. Also, I see her maybe having a healing move ala Roll from TvC. A good Turtle character should have some way to heal herself. Either she has a super that does it, or she uses the same absorb attack idea to then use it to heal herself slightly, maybe half the damage the attacks would have caused.



And now for someone I really want in, because I love her look, Myrine the Gigan. I know she has only 1 picture anywhere, but I like her design. I would love to see her in motion. ANyway, play style. I see her working a lot like Dalsihm, a long range melee character. She would have some extremely long normal attacks, being able to hit very far away. Unfortently, those long attacks will not hit very close people, so she will have some close range moves and attacks that quickly push the character away. She would be extreemly heavy, falling to the grouns quickly, and have what looks like a slow walk, but since she takes longer steps, it’s faster then it looks. Her stance would be very Faust like. One of her specials is a jump, which works like a damaging teleport. She will jump into the air and slam down at certain spots, damaging people in the process. it will help her get around when she needs to. She would have a larger hitbox then others, so she takes hits easily. However I see her being the strongest physical attacker in the game. Very much like Juggernaut in terms of strength. Some moves have super armor, like her long baseball like swing special that knocks back projectiles and wall bounces. She can also punch the ground to make shockwaves. One special has her hitting the ground so hard, it stuns anyone standing on it, but does no damage.

Le Duc


Oh god a character with a penis! TAKE IT AWAY!!!

I kid. Lets look at the pretty boy of the game, Leduc. Right way I feel like this character will have some rapid button press attacks, like CHun Li or Blanka. He can press any button rapidly at special or some normals to do extra constant electrical damage, if he has the electrical charge to do so. Yes, he would have to charge his electricity, by moving, or doing a certain special that has him charging electricity with rapid button presses. Even quick footsies and wave dashing charges electgricity With no electricity he is slightly below average in terms of speed of attacks and power. However, the more electricity he has, the faster and more powerful he and his attacks become. So you have to play a balancing act. Do you keep your electric charge to make you move faster and hit harder on your normals, or discharge on some of your specials or supers to do a lot of extra damage, but lose yours speed and damage on normals?

More info for the battery taken from a post I made later:

I think he can work on a battery only style, no charge counter like Jam and such. It’s pretty easy actually. He has a battery meter, or icon that grows brighter or dimmer the more and less electricity he has charged. He can gain electricity by moving, attack, and using special charge specials. The battery holds 100 teravolts, and he gets 1 teravolt for every attack he macks, and 1 teravolt for every 15 frames his character is not in the Idle, block, stun, or knock down position. He can also do Down down Kick or punch to charge his battery. The punch one gives him a quick burst of electric charge. Light gives 5 Teravolts, medium 13, and Heavy 25. The light one is the fastest, and doesn’t leave you open very very long at all. heavy leaves you very open on start up, so it’s best to use on a knock down or after a combo. The kick ones give you a steady charge the longer you hold kick. Light gives you 10 Teravolts per second, medium 20, and heavy 30. The downside for this one is that all the versions leavy you very open on cool down, except the light one.

Your attacks get stronger the more Teravolts you have, and you move faster. you can choose to spend some Teravolts to change the properties of some attacks by rapid pressing the button during the special. I see him having 1 level 1 super, and 2 level 3’s. Not sure what the level 1 should be, but the level 3’s are a plasma sword that gets longer and more powerful the more teravolts you have. zero the attack is pathetic. 100 though, and it hits full screen and does massive damage. The other level 3 is an over charge like was suggested before. For a brief time Leduc has infinite Battery.



And now for Aeon, someone I think we really just learned about, though correct me if I am wrong. Seeing her whole time motive, she has one obvious fighting style: She is a Ryu clone.

Man, that would be amusing if they threw that curveball at us. Anyway, Time manipulation is her forte. She can use specials and attacks to freeze time in certain spots of the field, to stop projectiles and anyone that touches the spot. She can then let time continue again, or rewind it, sending projectiles back and turning around peoples physical attacks. This time stop also works for her own projectiles. She can throw knives out, then stop the time for the knife, then restart it later. I can see her level 3 stopping all time if she hits with it, then she has 5 seconds to attack as much as she wants and set up as many knifes as possible. After time it up, the foe takes all the damage they took during it.

Also, she needs both a Dio Brando Color and a Sakuya Color from Touhou.



This guy is a tank. He moves and hits like one. He is quite simular to Nemisis in UMvC3 for the most part. Simular attacks and movement. However, Panzer has 1 major difference: He is also an Ammo changing character, simular to Saki in TvC. Behind this giant follows this lovely lady.

I do not think she has an offical name yet, but people call her Rosie. She is always right behind Pazer, and her job it to change out his ammo, and assist in other ways. She can be hit, but only when she is doing one of the 2 attacks she has, ammo change and missle launch. If you do hit her, it knocks her out of the special, but you take no damage. Panzer has 6 different ammo Types. Pressing down down plus one of the attack buttons has Panzer lowering his arm, and Rosie quickl loads a different type of shell into his cannon. He then gets 5-10 shots of that ammo type till he switches back to his regular weak shot. His Forward heave Paunch has him using ammo, as does a few of his specials. The normal short just shoots a tank shot that fires quickly and does decent damage. his other shots are a Electric mortor that staggers, a Freeze Mortor that freezes, a Scatter shot mortor that shortens the range, but hits a much wider area, a Acid Mortor that does damage over time, a High explosive mortor that causes a wall bounce, and a Drill mortor that does multiple hits and does high chip damage. Changing ammo is a very quick process, and he gets super armor during it so hit’s hard to knock him out of it. You can even do ammo change as a way to cancle out of certain moves.

Panzer’s specials mainly revolve around him firing the tank in different ways. the forward heavy punch just fires it straight ahead. QFT P fire’s either 1-3 shots depending on the button pressed. DPF P fires a shot in an arc, the distance depending on the button presses. QFB P actually is a charging closeline attack with his tank arm. It has super armor, and really hurts, but it has a long start up. QCB K Has Rosie firing missiles in the air from behind Panzer, much like Dooms missiles. The amount fired depends on the strength used.
I don’t have all his Supers thought out yet, but one of them has Rosie loading Panser with a Anti-Skull girl Mortor. it only has 3 shots, but it goes throw all other projectiles, is extremely fast, and really hits hard.

Deep Violet/Mrs. Victoria


I can see this character working in 1 of two was, the first being the most realistic way, and the second being a very awesome, but maybe hard to pull off way. First option is you only play as Deep Violet. At the start of the match Mrs. Victoria changes into this in a flash. She fights with her whips mostly, being a mid range tricky character, focusing on tripping up the opponent, grabbing from afar, and controlling the middle part of the screen. Most of her special involve tripping or stunning the foe in some way. She would be pretty fast, and can use her whip to pull her across the stage, and also put her foes where she wants them. Her ships being snakes I can see her having some poison based attacks, though they effect movement mostly. one poison prevents dashing, one prevents jumping, and one slows you in general. All play well into her controller where you are on the stage at all times.

Now, the second option, and what I think would be awesome, is that you play as both, and can change mid fight, like Zelda and Sheik in Smash Bros. You can see this as a stance change to the most extreme. The change is decently quick, and certain specials auto change you in mid combo. Violet fights the same way as mentioned above. Victoria is a close range rushdown martial Artist She would fight similarly to Chun Li in SF. Very fast footsies but now real range to speak of. it could be cool, but I think the first option is much more realistic, CPU and programming wise.

Here comes Big Band!


Big Band is also one of the rare creatures called Males. They are few and far between these days. Only the most out there and powerful males show their face to the world.

Anyway, I see BB here being a very sound based for everything. He doesn’t even punch, he just uses the side things as his punches. All of his specials work off his Sax, and involve music. Most of his specials can be lengthened by reka like button presses, but he can use different buttons to do different notes. Like QCF P does a low not blast, but then you can press Lp, Mk, Hp to do 3 different note blasts afterwords. You have to move from L to high if you start with LP, you have to do High to low if you use Mp, and you can do any 3 with a HP, but it comes out slower. Other special work in similar wys with different effects. One special blasts out a wave of sound that hits all around him, great for people trying to mix up and as an anti air.This special is also a charged special. Hold the button down longer for more range and damage. Max hits 3/4s screen and staggers, but it takes 5 seconds or so to charge. To prevent over use of it, it cannot be done once every 10 seconds, and you can get hit out of it. Being hit out of doesn’t force you to wait another 10 seconds to get it off. He also has a projectile attac, QCF K. a music note fires out at different speeds depending on the button you pressed.

A level 3 Hyper that I think would be very interesting involves him playing a jazzy beat, and the foe can’t help but to dance to it. The person takes damage as they are dancing. While this may be a pain to animate due to making dancing animations for everyone, I thin it would really look cool. Everyone also dances differently, Parasoul does a Flamingo dance with an Egret solder, Peacock does the, “Hello my baby” dance that frog does, and Valentine does and sexy pole dance on her IV stand. It would be really cool. You guys suggest some dances you want to see other people do, even possible DLC Characters, like Squigly doing Thriller.

And now we get to Feng


Ah, finally, a girl without a insane bust size. Instead we get a nice pair of legs :smiley:

Feng may not be as amazing and original as some of my other ideas, but not everyone needs to be nuts. She seems to me that she is a stright up Martial artist. Very fast attacks and speed, but low damage input. She is a master of martial arts with lots of long combo’s on the ground with good re-stand options. She can also choose to turn on and off her salamander fire abilities mid combo with a quick Down down punch. They activate extremely fast, with a 5 frame activation, so even in most normal combos, you can get them in, since Feng’s attacks generate a lot of hit stun, or most do at least. On block though… it’s very punishable.

Feng has a lot of high/low mix ups, and has a lot of Unique attacks to go with her high martial art’s training. Most of her normals can be tilted on way or enough to do a different move. She doesn’t have too many specials though, mainly a Rekai 5 hit punch, a Spiral Arrow like move, a anti air Shoruken move, that is on fire when using the HP version. She also has a counter. QCB K. Lk counters lows, Mk counters mids, and Hk counters High and overheads. This can also be done in the air. It does decent damage, and leaves the opponent staggered so you can go on the offensive. She also has a Parry move. It works just like it does in SF3. So if you loved to Parry in that game, Pick Feng.

Not sure of Supers yet. I could go with the common, I punch/kick you many times, but I want something more special for our lovely lady here. Any ideas?

And there we go. Have fun everyone! Oh, and feel free to comment on anyone’s, give feed back, and even criticize if they want their work criticized. I myself do, because I am trying to improve, though if it’s about spelling and grammar, I already know. I am Dyslexic, so that is an issue for me.

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Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!
Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

Great ideas!

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thanks. Been meaning to ask but, what’s a R800at and Tapatalk?


The R8000 is a phone and tapatalk is an app that’s used to browse multiple forums. Tapatalk is really sick actually. Let’s me browse srk, dust loop, etc. all from one app.


Huh, that’s pretty cool.


Ok, time for 2 more. Gonna do something more fun this time, so let’s cover Jack Buaer Egret Solder(copyright Firebranded), as well as Minette!


Who doesn’t like playing as the unnamed solder? Now you can! This guy is ready to fight anyone to win the love of Parasoul, even if that means beating her up to prove his strength! He loves the princess more the the heat of 1000 suns!!!

He is fights with his many different weapons, but he isn’t really a zoning character. He is a mix between a Zoner and a Rush down. He can do both decently well, but others do one of the other better then him.His normals involve him fighting with his trusty Eickhorn Kampfmesser KM200, a German Combat knife used in the military. His attacks are close range, but the knife gives him slightly more range. He has medium attack speed, and most of his attack link to one another. His heavies are very punishable on block.His forward Kick is a unique move. He kicks the foe in the crotch, staggering them. It has 1 hit of super armor on it.

His special’s rely mainly on charge attacks, and a few of them have invincibility frames, making his specials pretty good assists. He has 1 QCF attack, and that his Fire arms. Similar to chris, he Pulls out a Pistol, a Machine gun, or a Rifle, depending on the button pressed. However, if you hold the button down, and then move the stick, you can aim where you want to shoot. The trade off is that if you miss, you are WIDE open, since the cooldown is massive.

His charge Back Punch has him tossing out a Grenade. The type depends on the button pressed. Weak is a flash bang. Does no damage but staggers on hit. Medium is a frag grenade. Heavy is a incinerate grenade that causes multiple hits. The travel half way across the screen. Charge back Kick call’s out his motorcycle, which he rides across the stage. It acts like Cerebella’s run command. The button used to activate is how fast the motercycle goes, but the slower you go the more Super armor you have. Fastest(Goes as fast as Ms. Fortune’s run) gives you no super armor, slow(Goes as a bit slower then Peacock’s run) gives you 2 hits. Grab grabs the foe low and drag’s them to the corner, Low has him get off the bike and the bike drives off doing 1 hit projectile, Med has him pull out a bayonette and hits the foe repeatedly.High Causes the bike to explode, sending him and the foe off in opposite directions. It doesn’t hurt you, but does good damage. Only downside is you cannot combo after it. Charge down punch is actually an Antiair grab. He leaps into the air, the stronger the button used the higher he goes. He is invincible during the start up, but can’t do anything if he misses, and falls on his butt, leaving him open till he gets up. If he hits, he grabs the foe, and slams them into the ground, the pulls them up and does a neck snap(doesn’t actually snap the neck.) This re stands the foe, letting you continue the combo.

His Level 3 super. is the ultimate crotch breaker. He winds up, and kicks the foe hard the the crotch, then shoots them a few times, then tosses a grenade as he dives for cover. It has a lot of invincibility. Credit goes to Firebranded for the idea. I am not sure on the other 2 supers yet.

And now Minette


The cute Dagonian girl works at the restaurant that Ms. Fortune frequents. She’s a lovely cute little girl, but doesn’t do too well against perverts and bullies. However, so decided she must take action to help Ms. Fortune out, and so she doesn’t be a bother to her idol. So she takes her cleaning and waitress skills to the the arena!

Minette… is a very unconventional character. Like Wright in UMvC3, she is not a fighter, but she does her very best with the skills she has. Her attacks are slaps and kicks mostly, and she looks absolutely adorable while doing it. Her launcher, crouching punch, is her just jumping up with bow hands up like she is doing a cheer. Her forward kick is a trip that hits multiple times, hits low, and has great range as she slides a bit during it.

Her special’s also are a bit odd. QCF P has her pulling out some plates of food and throwing them at the foe. She can press it multiple times to throw it a maximum of 5 times, and she can mix which buttons she presses to throw them at different heights. Her CHarge Back Punch has her running at the foe swinging her arms around. Button pressed means a different distance traveled, and it is a good move to extend combos. QCB K is a Run away move. She is invincible during the first 10 frames of it, and is a great get out of there move. You can actually choose which way to run by holding the stick after you press the button, so you can run past the foe if you are in a corner. The button pressed increased the distance she runs. She also cries doing this too, and the tears do very slight damage. This makes the move a great move to use while in block stun, since it activates right away, and can interrupt almost every attack other then supers. DPk has her has her spin around in place. Press kick repeatedly to keep spinning, but be careful, too many times and she will get dizzy and fall to the ground. This move also activates at 0 frames, so it’s a great punish and get off me move. She can move while spinning as well.

She has a healing super, which she pulls out a bowl of soup and drinks it, restoring 1/8th of her HP. She also has a normal version of this super, QCB P, and it heals from 1/16th to 1/10th, depending on the button pressed. However, you are very open during it, and if the foe does attack you, THEY get healed. this only happens for the special versions. On the super she is invincible as she is drinking the super, but not as she pulls it out. As an assist, this move heals your target character, if they touch Minette as she is out. if you use this super, and then DHC into another super before she drinks, she drops the soup bowl, and the your other character is healed! I have not decided her other supers yet. Any thoughts guys?

And there we go. I had a lot of fun making these 2. I doubt these 2 would every be playable, but I hope you enjoy them, and if they were playable with these movesets, that you would like them! Tell me your thoughts, even if you think they suck!

Copyright Reverge studio’s and all that. I do not own the characters, and will not claim anything if they use these movesets


No Venus Lovelace ? sigh… what a sad day it is.


I was thinking about making hers, but after Firebranded suggested a crotch killer move for egret, I had to do one for him. Venus is coming, don’t worry.


Crotch Breaker sooooooo tooooooooooop tierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Haha. I’m glad you liked Egret’s one. I had a lot of fun making it. I also made him a change character because I wanted to try some new things.

Now who was the huge Minette fan…


Hey guys. I need some suggestions for the second character I am go to do next. 1st one is Sabine.


Do Vitale.


I like it. Especially BigBand.



Vitale? Hmmm, that may be a tougher one… Perhaps if I have him fight just like a Prohibition Chicago Mob guy… yeah… that could work…

Better question is, Who needs legs? :o

wishes for a Naga like character in a fighting game.


General stuff I want,

A fast very mobile character, with a triple jump and a teleport, but with poor damage output and lackluster protectile options. Something sort of like Marvel 3 Vanilla Chun

A keepaway character that focuses on punishing mistakes rather than filling the screen with stuff, sort of Dhalsim like. Maybe a tag in that is a teleport that does no damage, but is hard to punish because s/he doesn’t always come in the same place.

A pair or trio, sort of like the maids or the ice climbers. Jack of all trades, king of none, tag in style with linked arms and hard knockdown like Bart and Lisa (Simpsons Arcade Game)

A character with no kicks, Balrog like.

A shoto character, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, etc.

A character that focuses on a mechanic similar to flight, but underground, sort of like Rocket Raccon’s burrowing, but more of a character centered around it then just a gimmick or teleport. Tag in similar to Peacock’s

Thoughts? What kind of characters would you like to see? What kind of tag in options?


You want a character similar to this?


Wow, surprised someone actually responded. Sort of, can the girl who shoots the arrows take damage or move by herself? I would rather have the second character actually fight with the character rather then be more of a support character, so more like Ice Climbers, where they are both hitting you at the same time, maybe de-syncing type stuff like this


Then again, it would be cool to have two different pairs/ trios, one where you are attacking with both of them and one more like a support character.


yo. I call BS on your Panzerfaust >_>
First of all his tank has its gun turned OUT from opponent. Which implying that firing this thing will result in shell flying FROM opponent, not TOWARD. And recoil would propel tank towards opponent which implying use of reactive punches in his moveset, not projectiles.

Skullgirls OTT! -Random select is top tier

So, which one of these characters looks like they could have 8-way free airdash.


Oh my, people are tagging in this?!

I like your ideas of the type of characters. I think Myrine could fit that second one, just without projectiles and all just very long range attacks.

As for your multi character choice, the best one is the triplets.

I see them fighting Ice climber like, though they can dysnch and do multiple different types of attacks.

Well, the tank can pivit and turn. That’s my reasoning :stuck_out_tongue: