Skullgirls GD - It's Showtime on PSN! XBLA 4-11!


Big Band is going to play like Q??? MMMMMMMM!!! VELVEETA! :smiley:


can’t wait to play the demo and see how cerebella plays! somebody on here told me that I’m in for a treat because she’s unlike other grapplers


That artist took extreme liberties with those thighs lol. Nonetheless, LAUNCH PARTY! I don’t even want to sleep, gotta get up in like… 3 hours anyways x.x.


Good morning from east coast USA! Now for the longest work day of my existence…

PSN usually updates late afternoon EST though, like 6-7? Guess I won’t be missing much…


Dem thighs, Parasoul isn’t that curvy

Painwheel looks badass though.


Kay, bunch of stuff in a row. That was a hella long show, and the entire time SITTING NEXT TO JAMES CHEN I forgot to mention that a 2-hit combo is “Poetic” specifically because of him. Dammit.

Nah dude, that was more than twice the data, the retail is like, 1.2 or something.

You’re really serious, aren’t you…? There’s NO GAME where that happens, you always block toward the point character. This is why Urien has unblockables, because Aegis hits ‘the other way’. They REMOVED the thing from SFxT where Cross Fever or whatever would have you constantly switching which character you were controlling with each attack because blocking back and forth was impossible. I don’t want to be insulting, but…no, I’ll just leave it at that.

More than glad to correct it. Like I said, it’s STUPID that developers refused (yes, refused, not “didn’t know” they refused after it was found) to fix it. It’s not the hardware manufacturer’s problem, it’s the GAME’S problem.

Hi. I’m legitimately curious why you prefer completely unavoidable reset-damage setups to 50/50s when you’re on the receiving end. Have you played against Eddie? He’s the perfect demonstration of why high-low unblockables are not something you want to keep around. Oh, you gave MvC3 examples, so I guess not. Then, I feel like I should point out that you CAN have two attacks land on the exact same frame in MvC3, witness the throw-tech bug. (^.^) And that anything inside 3 frames is humanly unblockable, at least when trying to do it on purpose. Just because you feel MvC3 gives you ways of avoiding the setups doesn’t mean the unblockables themselves are…good to have…

Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside

Lol at Ms. Fortune being pad warrior. I guess she just loves her controllers wireless.


Totally wondered if “Poetic” was an Ode to the 2 Hit Combo reference


Hmmm, now I’m interested what’s the story behind it.

And what’s the shark’s name, eh? I’d like to know it =3


My wife asked me what we are going to have for dinner today… “What? Are you serious? Tuna with bacon! is the only option” was my answer xD


Couldnt sleep coz im too hype, remembered that the game comes out a day earlier on PSN (meaning today)

Goes online to check, then suddenly remembers that PSN doesnt update till like 5pm

I want dem Based Boards dammit!

I’ll go cry myself to sleep now, hopefully I wake up hella late so it’ll be already out by then :frowning:


You don’t know? FOR SHAME.


MVC3 player here, unblockables are no fun.


Goin to school now…please SG, be out when I come back…


10hours and 26 minutes left before it comes yay.


New review out

Score 7.0
+Praises the tutorial system and graphics
-Too difficult, not enough options in training (movelist, recording), not enough characters
Includes screenshot of final stage!



Already googled after 9898989898’s remark.
Gimme a break I’m following american FGC since what? 2011? >_>

And don’t forget to ask Alex about shark’s name =]


KEEP THE LAUNCH PARTAY GOING. Seriously, I’m glad I got a test tomorrow, I’ll have something to keep me from checking the PSN store every five minutes.

6.8 / 10
TBA / 10
What the fuck? He gives the game a 6.8 replay value but doesn’t score the multiplayer?


is it confirmed for sure that the demo comes out the same day as the full version? just checking…also does it have voice chat i can’t enjoy the game if i have to keep using private messages to talk to my online buds while playing them it would just seem awkward


u shoulds know by now that if its not a FPS it has no replay value lol