Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!


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Still has that new thread smell…

Launch Party! :rock:

Damn, I’m in love with this game but I don’t have the time to actually play it for yet another day.

You mean like…every FG ever? Who’d have thought!

Woo new thread.

Painwheel flight cancels are fun.

So what character is everyone enjoying most so far? I’m really liking the feel of Cerebella and Valentine, Cerebella’s combos feel so fluent, and Valentine just has alot of awesome set ups.

I don’t under how Peacock’s air combos work yet though.

This is to continue from the other thread to people talking about how training and tutorial mode never improved their game, it’s the total opposite for me. I mostly improve thanks to training mode.

Surprisingly I’m enjoying much more Filia than Parasoul. She almost remembers me of the only thing I liked in vanilla and umvc3: Spencer. So much fun and such a perfect character for me.


On the edge of my energy levels lately. Either having to give up practicing SFxT and SG or working out – and I’m not giving up working out.

Won’t get to play until later in the week when I actually get some rest.

Lol, you don’t have to tell me that, I was point out it out to someone calling it bland already.

Initially I was just all about Valentine, but after 10 minutes with Filia I really liked her and I think I’ll be running at least 2 if not 3 characters now. I really want to find ways to work Cerebella’s s.MP into Valentine combos as an assist.

Oh yeah lol, that wasn’t at you, just in agreement with you.

So… what about a EU PSN release date?
Getting kinda worried now that all other releases have been covered.

Also did MS give any disposition yet on XBL netplay borkage?

MMCafe has the customizable tier maker up!

Example (not mine) tierchart for Skullgirls-ct999999-c1000000-c2000000-tvFF7101-thDD3C3C-d1Booby-x110-d2Not so Booby-x25-d3Light Weight-x310-d4Heavy Weight-x47

Took a while to download the demo yesterday but once I got it loaded up I was really impressed with the presentation. Really stellar considering the price point. Immediately I felt at home with this game. I swear this game has a Darkstalkers/X-Men: COTA mixture in general gameplay and MVC2/CVS engine elements for good measure. Really fluid and fun.

I think I’m going to settle on Parasoul she feels different than a lot of the cast being charge and having a ton of command normals which make her feel very 3rd Strike-esque.

I didn’t try much of Parasoul but her walk is fucking awesome

Someone tell me how to unlock the Kneesocks palette for Parasoul right now or else I’m taking this game back to the store.

I had claimed before that apparently I was caught unfortunate that the game was not yet released for Silver XBL members.

Apparently I was wrong, but I don’t know why people were buying, while I wasn’t able to.

Either way, bought and paid for now. Good to go.

I’ll hook up the Xbox this weekend.

I just sent you a message about the last thing you said in the old thread.

I also want to know this, as well as Peacock’s Cirno outfit.

I would of liked if i was able to fight the CPU in Versus, and have it like KOF where if i pick Random Characters after the match is done it re-random characters. The AI is so good.

I know you get one costume for the story mode, one costume for the arcade mode, and one costume for getting that character’s achievement.