Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

What’s better about the MK one? I haven’t even experimented with it yet so I would like to feel dumb for not trying now.

I think it has a faster start up? I’m not sure on the mechanics of it but if so then it seems like it really would be better for most since it’s just Peacock players that can really utilize a full screen butt dive.

The HK version pushes the opponent full screen very quickly, meaning most characters that aren’t Peacock don’t have good followup options if it hits. With the MK version, any character with a run (I think) can combo off of a hit.

Learning Filia’s hair drill loop was easier than expected, I’m really starting to love her gameplay.

Great info, If and when I get some time in the lab I would love to learn this stuff. Bella Truly interests me and the sloppy chaotic way I’ve “tried” using her leaves much to be desired.

I guess not having played too many matches nor time to just sit in training warrants my lack of ability but seeing that she’s capable of so much keeps me excited and motivated to learn.

Psst… I recommend that everyone read this:

Pretty important stuff, and it applies to the entire Skullgirls section, not just this thread. :tup:

Seems pretty short, you sure you didn’t forget a few other rules?

Hey Mike, how long till you actually be able to participate in tournaments for SG? I know you talked to a few TOs and you won’t be able to enter for a while, but for how long?

If he did, all he needs is some cardboard, markers, and duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

So… you’d rather have THIS topic derailed than a salt thread?

I would rather have the "Double assist is broken"s out of this thread, but so be it.

"Mike has some ideas for fixes, but he’s not going to be kneejerk about things.

As far as I know, he’s pretty happy with where Cerebella is right now, because there are plenty of ways to deal with her. Double’s Cere-stinger assist will likely be adjusted in some way.

I mean, I seriously see people saying that EVERY character is broken when they play against them online. So maybe it’s just that certain people aren’t as good with certain match-ups?

Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback - it gave me an idea for something that is hopefully better in the long run than nerfing things."

Response to me on their facebook page.
I asked if patching invincible double/parasoul assist and cerebella damage

It’s easier to infract and ban whinging scrubs when they don’t have the defense of having their own thread for being whiny.

some funny stuff showing that couples can play this game and have fun ^-^ credit goes to

Why would you want to ban scrubs? For being scrubs? That seems like an elitist mentality to me.

Instead, we can help “scrubs” get better at the game. Just in the last week, jaiwhite learned that Double assist isn’t “cheap” and is now learning how to use Double! IMAGINE what we could accomplish in the game’s lifespan!

However, having people derail THIS thread with complaints isn’t optimal.

If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, then you’d understand.

My point is that every time someone comes in HERE complaining about the same thing that many have complained about dozens or hundreds of times before, people will get up in arms, attack the poster telling them to cry more, dismiss his comment and all this shit is derailing the thread.

For every complaint not posted here, four or more sarcastic or helpful replies are avoided.

edit: If what you’ve seen is the GameFAQs forums, I wouldn’t be surprised. Last time I went to scrubquotes they had one from a guy who was complaining about how blocking in Skullgirls was dumb, how fighting games hadn’t changed… yet when told that he should practice, he said he didn’t want to spend time training on a fighting game. Yet somehow he expected to be good.

So any Eus got sg on the psn now?
Cause it’s 5am in France and it should be buyable now right?

Hey, a real comment. Sweeps and snapbacks immediately break super armor, but not hyper armor (Cere’s Lv3).

Also for whoever asked about a Youtube channel…I don’t know, that would probably be Ravid’s dept.

Sweeps, as in cr.hks? Seems like i’ll have to be a bit more careful with cere’s run now.

Don’t you guys already have an official Youtube channel?