Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

Good first to ten, it got laggy a few times, but for the most part, wasn’t horrible.

When I heard it, I didn’t care about the round anymore, I was just hype.

What do you hear “stop mashing” for?

Salt time:
Fuck the run mk mk. I don’t know if it’s a bug,online or me fucking up but even if I blocked the right direction I got hit. Blocked low with right direction, got hit, same if I blocked high I ALWAYS got hit. Seriously fuck that stuff.
Also screw your lv3, I hate it with a passion.
And there’s also the fact that I actually have to think to beat you which is annoying.
Didn’t manage to do one full combo out of the ten games. Great ugh.

Anyway uploading all dat stuff now. That is if it’s okay with you being on youtube?

[Note: This is actually sarcasm people(even if a part of it is true haha).]

So just now found some disgusting Painwheel reset stuff, I need to test it myself and on players, hopefully they work out well.

Omni really made me see the light that I need to find some gimmicky set ups, because stuff like Val Alpha Blade cross up into Double Assist on incoming characters was nasty and reminded me of Akuma tatsu–>Beserker Slash.

Need to hit the training room and level up my damage.

Look at the videos, I completed about 2 combos per round.

Also, I did run stop on 5 frame delay, which makes it a one frame link.

Kind of hype.

I don’t care, let people see my shitty Solobella and critique, I want to see what Age of Fools thinks of it.

hoooh, good ass side tourney for such short notice.

i managed to avoid getting embarassed at the hands of soverin, and good shit to sweather bee, thanks for coming out, stay on it. I just wish I could’ve done my name of “Jamz” more justice on stream =| real talk though they had EVERYONE’S names messed up haha.

Mike, I wanna apologize for being “that guy” and asking about DLC and stuff, I wasn’t trying to troll you for leaks or smthng, I was asking more like, since the games doing so well numbers-wise, how prepared should I be to throw money at yall. Hope I wasn’t bugging, I assume you’re like that with everyone though. ^^D

ok, I have a >

I have a favor to ask…
I need someone to redo the images from this post:
Skullgirls Easter Eggs Thread: Giant Moai Head Inside ; however, it needs to include panty color for…obvious reasons <<…>> [smoke/hornet bomb]

What? Does that mean it would be a “negative” frame link if it was 7 or 8 delay?
Also hypest part of the matches where when we were both mashing so hard on 360 it looked cool.

dood stop ninja editing your post 50 times ;_;.

YEAH. with filia it locks them down enough for you to airdash in, get pushblocked, and then dash in AGAIN for mixup

Someone tweeted you also hear Rockefeller’s laugh when there’s a Double KO.

I think Frame Delay means that you see everything x amount of frames later.

I believe that’s false since I got a few and didn’t get a laugh.

I don’t want to keep double posting, sorry.

how many views did the stream get for SG?

Hey Mike, I heard you were coming to UCR. I was curious, Is the tourney gunna be on the 360s at Latitude? If so… sad face :frowning:

I love calling the assist and then dashing just far enough at just the right time so they come in on the opposite side of the screen than they expected. Best part is that it still flings them in the direction Cerebella is facing, so they fly right towards you for an easy combo.

Unfortunately my Cerebella is complete ass, both combo-wise and spacing/movement-wise.

Just fought inxplotch. GGs. Try to pushblock more and never stop guarding when your being combod, you never know when a reset…or a dropped combo into super will happen.

And sorry for that one round where I killed Val with 2 grabs, and then command ran supered Peacock.

I believe it peaked at around 4.7-4.9k viewers give or take during the SG sections up to GF. Noticed that there were higher numbers average then the sfxt stream despite most people hyped on seeing the Rolento glitch during a tourney then the actual matches lol. Funny how even in the Stream monsters chat ,SG was mostly positively recieved with people asking to stream to GF with hype. SG as of now is already recognized by many many key fgc individuals as a solid/competitive fighter and can only get better in the near future.

props to Reverge

killer good to know.

we are having another SG tourney in Vancouver this weekend, I will pe sure to post the stream details here.

I wish a place did a Skullgirls online tourny.

So people at that local area could show up and play people online.