Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

I will say this.

Cerebella is the best grappler I have ever played as!

I honestly didn’t expect to like Parasoul as much as I do. Damn you, Mike Z, for making me play as a charge character.

Unfortunately, I suck at charge characters, and so far I still suck as her…

Fixed that for you.

Been playing this all morning its so fun! Do we know what unlocks palette colors 7,8,9,10 yet?

7, 8, and 9 are for playing the character in story mode, playing the character in arcade, and getting the character specific achievement (not necessarily in that order). I haven’t seen anyone figure out how to get 10.

Ok, thanks!

Yeah. The mushin concept pretty much sums up the thing a lot of people are lacking when it comes to fighters. Understanding, developing, and maintaining proper mushin during pressure situations is paramount to doing well.

Marie’s voice is way too low and having no audio cue (don’t think there’s one, she seems to say the same things for different moves) before she throws the big multi-hitting snake thing makes things harder.

I welcome the challenge. Galactus loudly announcing every damn thing he does makes it difficult to lose once you’ve got the tells memorized; Marie is much closer to Yami in terms of difficulty. Hell, Yami even has that final version that floats at jump height so you can’t use most of your grounded options on him.

Just be grateful Marie doesn’t have a command grab.

Well it’s also a problem because I can barely hear what she says in her intro.

holy balls I played online for like 4 hours yesterday, the amount of cerebella’s I ran into were staggering

Also my friend picked up a camera that we’ll be recording ourselves playing on, much like CC did with online matches.

Sure it’s not high end shit but whatever, look forward to it!

Yeah. For me I just want to know what she says. Some of her intro’s/win’s seem specific, like to Peacock.

Well in her intro against Peacock she just says “Patricia…” and her win quote is “I told/warned you not to come”.

I’ve got pretty good hearing. :U

With Filia/Cerebella, she mentions that after they die, the rest of the Medici’s will follow. Or so I recall.

Ah, that new thread feeling!

Can’t wait to get home and start messing around in training mode. I’ll be honest though, I was surprised at Filia. She seems a lot more fun to play as than I originally thought.

BTW, lol at the tier list above.

That was the #1 thing I took away from the demo, I basically considered Filia the ‘shoto’ of this game, and was very pleasantly surprised when I actually played her. For having a relatively small moveset she was a blast to play, thinking I’m going to go with Valentine + Filia to start.

I’m going to try an impliment that somehow. If I can keep my thoughts calm around friends playing this game, then I just need to get it up to where I can handle it around online and stuff

Who has better air to ground moves/mix-ups: Valentine or Pain?

Who zones better: Para or Peacock?


Oh man I finally managed to land a full combo with Filia online today! I’m so happy <3.