Skullgirls GD, Keepin' It Classy In Medici -- Now out in EU/AU!

time ran out. unless you see me choose main menu before time runs out, its because time ran out. lolol


Why so racist, Cerebella?

GGs man. I was spent after I the match before last lol.

I was like fuck it on last match.

That AA assist is so annoying, but no where near annoying as your Parasoul assist lol. Have fun. Your team is super varied and has answers for everything. @_@

Im online right now. Someone get at me for some matches.

im gonna put my psn in my sig

I’D love to but tv is taken for now by family :(. Will you be online later?



But seriously, do you have any advice for me? Anything would be neat.

Does anyone here use the ‘‘Custom Soundtrack’’ function?

i have no clue how to use it for PS3 or 360. lol.

On a more serious note I think the only way to really divide these characters is like…

S: Characters that do not need assists to be effective
A: Characters that do need assists to be effective

I know that for the PS3, you press the PS button, go to the ‘‘Music’’ tab and you select whatever song you want to play. That’s how I managed to fit some SCV songs to the game.

wait. so it just plays music over the game?

lol i thought custom soundtracks was some feature that let you tell the game which one of your personal songs you want to play in place of other songs.

welp. custom soundtracks sure is misleading.

Yep, and I’m about to start infracting if people don’t post in it…

And just so you guys know, it takes 4 points for a one-week ban, and posting in the wrong thread is two points. Do the math.


Tier List for Tier Lists

Banned Tier:


Whoops, I thought I already said ggs, well ggs then! Well my only advice would be to find more resets because you seem to have only one with i think and you only have 3 options where the opponent just have to backjump to be safe. Try to do something like reset, land, jump airgrav if your opponent figured out how to dodge. Or you can also crossup with a j’hp I guess. Another tip would be to become familiat against zonig characters, doesn’t seem like you had much training against rhem (add the lag and it becomez even harder lol.) . And otherwise I dunno. Your valentine is pretty good imo imo.

Actually, if they jump back, a properly timed and/or will keep me on them, especially since I land first so i have the time to rejump. I can also use this to create a tick throw, at least in theory, but i’m not that good so I havn’t been able to test it out on a person yet. I’m also working on implimenting dead cross for before they touch the ground, as you’ve seen.

I do have another reset set up with but i can’t get it down reliably enough so I need to work on making it easier to set up.

I do have some experience against zoners, it’s just that your AA assist and the lag just made it hard for me to abuse parasoul’s dead zone and i didn’t know what to do.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll spend sometime in the lab trying to learn some resets or some cross ups. I don’t have too many of those, now that you’ve brought it up lmao.

Well, the game’s songs are muted over your own music. Example: You’re fighting Filia. You can obviously see that Samson can morph into parts of a animal’s/insect’s anatomy (see Fenrir Drive and Gregor Samson). Since that parasite eats humans, you can obviously see he’s similar to animals who preys on people. Thus, you may want to use the theme of someone based on predators and fantastic creatures, such as werewolves.

Again, Double. It’s just a mass of flesh. You may want to seek a song that represents zombies, abominations (like the T-Type Nemesis from Resident Evil) and the like.

Oh, and it seems that the songs you play, when they stop, waits until the new stage is loaded until it restarts.

Or you can just replace every song with the Safety Dance.

Just because you can.

But sometimes, you can get bored of hearing the same song over and over again.

Left, Up, Neutral, Crouching Heavy. <3

Minette would be proud.

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