Skullgirls GD, Part 2 XD!


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Questions & Answers Thread

Started this 2nd thread for you guys since the last one was a wreck. The important portions from the last thread will be pieced together by Chibi in his FAQ.

Also, I’ve decided that if there are MAJOR streams for the game going on at some time I’ll go ahead and link it in the main topic since a lot of people seem to check the main topic. That way the stream can get as many views for SG as possible.


  • No Flaming
  • Refrain from going off topic
  • This is only for General Info. Keep the designated info in its rightful thread.
  • Enjoy

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looks around Nice and roomy in here. I like it.

Okay, so we’ve got a supposed Painwheel unveiling tomorrow in Fragg magazine along with Miss Fortune info trickling out, with a possible video this week (?), and then an actual build of the game being set up for play at Season’s Beatings next week?

I’d say life is good.


I believe Plainwheel is going to be revealed only after Ms Fortune get her character trailer.


Lots of SG goodies around the corner it seems like XD. I think there might be a special event for SG on the SB stream so everyone get on there and support the game!!! Show them that SG is going to be the next big thing!!!

-Tha Hindu


Yes I can sense it. Feel it. More than one chunk of juicy info is coming this week.


Can we get a link to that in the first post?


Media Thread should be stickied :eek:

Chibi, sorry if I took some info you were planning to put in your FAQ but if it was the links to the main Skullgirls site, Reverge Labs, the youtube, twitter, etc., I think those should still be included in your FAQ


That’s something that belongs in the media thread and I’ll add it in there now.

EDIT: There is no link posted for a stream yet.

Thread is pretty small. The main reason for sticking threads is because they are important and so they don’t get lost in the mess of threads. When the section becomes flooded with more threads then I’ll sticky the ones that need to be.

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i’ll be at nycc that weekend


Same here. I’m looking forward to trying out MF.


So this is why I wasn’t getting any Skullgirls related alerts. Nice new thread! lays down on large comfy sofa - How are we livin’?


This game cannot come out any faster


Ah, new thread, good stuff. BTW, I’d just like to apologize to Hellfromabove real quick since I didn’t get a chance before the last thread was closed. I shouldn’t have made that fake channel threat in the thread (and sorry to DaRabbidDuckie for worrying you into thinking I would actually do that).
On-topic: how’s the general reception of the game so far from the tournament players? When I checked out the Frame Trap stream where Spooky explained what happened with him they didn’t seem to be digging the game too much.


So tomorrow we got news?
That means that Ms.Fortune already has a voice and everything? awesome!


i can tell he doesn’t like it because the game looks like fan service but the guy and others like their traps.


Well, probably besides voice, if Peacock and Parasoul are sufficient examples.


Whoa, some interesting…changes…here. Looks like tis time to stop reading SRK. :^)

Someone in the last thread asked if Fortune’s head hits low. Nope, all the head moves are mids.

Ms. Fortune: Falling to Pieces

No harm done, everyone has their personal view about things. I should have a more professional demeanor when it comes to this game since people are perceiving me as part of SG since I have been taking it around and streaming it. I don’t really want to create a bad persona for the game, people related to the game, or myself.

As far as the perception that people have towards it, it’s been the same every time I’ve seen someone play it for the first time or see it for the first time. Most people’s perceptions at first are that the game might be for a certain type of audience due to the art that is used in the game and because the gender of all the characters (that are shown to them at this time) are female. They are somewhat held back from trying the game because of this. I usually try and convince them to play the game. Once they do, however, they are very intrigued with it and keep wanting to play more. From there people usually want to find out more about the way the game plays, the mechanics, or , like you asked, what the consensus of other people that have played the game is.

-Tha Hindu


I got all scared thinking something happened withtin the few hours I was at school to now.

back to lurking the hell out of this game.


No more mike answering all the technical questions for us?